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Select a score of your choosing from any genre--e.g., orchestra, band, jazz band, chamber ensemble ... anything which is scored for multiple instruments (minimum of a quartet). Selection must be approved by the professor. Project length is three to five minutes.  If your work is longer than this, simply record only a portion.  Evaluation will be based on overall aural musical quality: accuracy (re recording), cleanliness of performance (do edit out mistakes of any kind), balance, etc.  The wise scholar will select something that is within the realm of practicality.  Please have a copy of the score for the class to observe during the presentation.  (One option is to use a lead sheet as the foundation and create your own additional tracks for drums, bass, strings, etc.)


For this project, you will need to produce a one-page document (minimum) that is of publisher quality.  It may be original or borrowed, instrumental or vocal, with lyrics or without, score or individual part.  The project may be submitted electronically (as a *.mus file), or as a printed document.


Voila!  You are suddenly a producer.  The goal is to create a sixty-second sound byte which could make it onto the air as background music for a hypothetical jingle.  The style may be serious or light.  Brainstorm some type of adľanything from a tacky car commercial to a hospital open-heart surgery commercial.  You will also need to write a voice-over script that goes with the music, advertising your product.  You will be the "deejay" during the presentation.  It does not need to be complex, only professional-sounding.  Music may be original, or an arrangement of absolutely anything ... whatever works to "sell your product."  Evaluation will be based on overall quality of aural product.


You will receive five handouts instructing you to conduct internet research pertaining to:  (1) computer assistive and adaptive devices, (2) intellectual property issues, (3) technology to support multiple assessments of student learning, (4) technology to address diverse student needs, (5) technologies such as interactive instruction and distance learning applications to enhance productivity.


Design a lesson plan for a learning module related to music, using computer assisted instruction (designed for a minimum of one class period, but may be more).  For ideas, you may wish to consult the text, Module 9, pp. 125-162.  The project may be in outline form.  State what you will be teaching, giving details of content.  Indicate how you will use the computer to teach the module.


You will receive two handouts instructing you to research and review various software programs related to:  (1) evaluating sequencing and notation software (other than programs used in class), (2) evaluating additional music software and general education software.


You will make a class presentation of approximately fifteen to twenty-five minutes in length (depending on class size) utilizing PowerPoint software.  Consider designing the presentation as an "actual" presentation that you may use in class some day when you become a teacher.  The topic may be related to any aspect of music.  Be sure to make the presentation as interesting as possible, using photos, clip art, sounds, etc., as appropriate.  You may use cassette or CD sound sources to supplement your presentation.

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