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The Event List view shows a variety of event information in a list format.  While edits may be made in other views, this view is particularly helpful for editing the exact timing of individual notes, as well as other data, such as:  notes, pitch wheel data, velocity, MIDI controllers, patch changes and much more. (p. 185ff)

There are two ways to access this view:

  • From the menu bar, choose View, New, Event List.
  • Right-click in one of the Inspector menus (Track or Clips), and choose Event List.

Events are listed one per line from top to bottom.  While one would normally edit only one track at a time, it is possible to select more than one track (w/ Shift key) before opening Event List view, which would mix entries from both tracks together in chronological order.  (That can be confusing . . .)  Of course, any Edit commands used in Event List view affect only the track or tracks displayed.

Event List can also be viewed during playback.  If the track is particularly dense, the Event List display may jump to keep up with realtime, but it will always be close.

Picking Tracks

Pick Track button [89]:  Located at the bottom right of the screen, pressing this button allows you to select another track or tracks.

How Events are Represented

Event List view displays four parameters which are common to all events:

  • The time of the event, displayed in SMPTE (hours:minutes:seconds:frames) format.
  • The time of the event, displayed in musical (measures:beats:ticks) format.
  • The MIDI channel associated with the event (1-16).
  • The kind of event, the parameters of which vary depending upon event type:




Note MIDI note Pitch, velocity, duration
KeyAft MIDI key aftertouch Pitch, pressure amount
Control MIDI controller change Controller number, value
Patch MIDI patch change Patch number or name
ChanAft MIDI channel aftertouch Pressure amount
Wheel MIDI pitch wheel position Wheel position
RPN Registered Parameter # 0-16383
NRPN Nonregistered P. # 0-16383
Sysx Bank System Exclusive data Sysx bank number
Sysx Data System Exclusive mess. Sysx message up to 255 bytes long
Text  Text  Text 
Lyric Lyric Text
MCIcmd Windows Media Control Interface MCI command text
WaveAudio Digital audio wave Wave audio data
Expression Staff view exp. mark Text of expression mark
Hairpin Staff view dyn. mark Direction and duration
Chord Staff view chord symbol Name of chord

Note:  In the above photo, first line, information represented in the Values area is:  B1, 80, :060.  B refers to the pitch.  1 represents the first octave.  80 is the velocity (how hard the note was struck, from between 0-127).  :060 is the duration of the note.  (This amount is shown in beats:ticks.  If the note lasts less than one beat, then only the number of ticks is shown.  With a default setting of 120 ticks per beat, :060 is the equivalent of an eighth note.)

Changing Event Parameters

To change any of the event parameters, highlight the appropriate field (double-click).  Type the new parameter and press enter.

To Increase/Decrease values:

  • With the computer keyboard, press the + or - key (on the keypad) to add or subtract 1.  Pressing the ] or [ keys will add or subtract 10.
  • Using the mouse, click the value and move the mouse toward or away from you to change values.

To Change Event Kind:

  • Double-click on the event Kind field to see the Kind of Event dialog box from which you can select the various kinds of events.

Inserting a New Event:

  • Move to the point in the list where you want to event to occur.  Press the Insert key.  This creates a copy of the even you are currently on.  You can then change the event kind and parameters.

Deleting an Event:

  • Press the Delete key to delete the event you are currently on.

Step-Playing Events

You can step-play events one by one to audition your entries.  With the mouse, control-click to play the event you are currently on.  The sound stops when the mouse button is released.

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