MUS 570D

Test Two Study Guide
(Folk, Surf, Dance Craze, Beatles)

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There will be five listening examples.  You will be asked to state the usual:  song title, artist/band, and a couple of musical characteristics/decade.

Most questions will be multiple choice, however, there are a couple where you will have to provide information.

Know the definition of a true folk song.

Be familiar with the positive impact calypso music had in terms of paving the way for folk music.

Be able to list a few musical characteristics of the folk trend.

Be able to identify various folk artists/groups.

Be able to describe the differences between folk and surfing music.

Know what made the Beach Boys such a good group, musically.

Know which Beach Boys album was important due to its connected thematic content.

Be able to name the "mystery" instrument on Good Vibrations.

Be able to name someone prominent in the dance craze genre ... and know the dance.

Heck, you should be able to name all the Beatles, right?

Know which Beatles were the prominent songwriters.

Know who was the Beatlesí American idol.

Know who Brian Epstein and George Martin were.

Know how the Beatles got their big U.S. break.

Be able to name an unusual instrument or two used in a Beatles cut.

Know which Beatles album cover had to be recalled, and why.

Be able to identify Beatlesí tunes related to the drug culture.

Be able to identify some of the more important Beatlesí albums:  "the" classic album where members portrayed musicians in a psychedelic band, the album which seemed to signify the breakup of the group ... their last and biggest-selling album.

Be able to identify the commune leader whose group went on a killing rampage as a result of what was thought to be a hidden message in a Beatlesí tune.

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