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Final Exam Study Guide
(Everything ... including 1990s Rock)

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There will be the usual five listening examples ('90s artists).  You will be asked to state the same-old, same-old:  song title, artist/band, and a couple musical characteristics/decade.

Many questions are multiple choice.  There will be a few short-answer.

Know the three styles that are typically thought of when the term "alternative" music is mentioned.

Be able to identify the decade of initial prominence for a dozen or so rock artists/groups ('50s, '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s).  There may be "some" flexibility here, though not a lot.

Be able to provide the name of an artist/group associated with any of the styles/genres of music we have studied.

There is a grunge band that has experimented in a manner not terribly unlike the Beatles.  Might wanna know which one.

There will be some blasts from the past, such as:  knowing the styles that combined to form rock and roll, the producer who is known for the wall of sound, what sets rock music apart from, say, traditional pop music, etc., etc., etc.

A couple '90s artists produced bilingual recordings.  Know who.

Know how many units must be sold for an album to go gold or platinum (since 1989).  (See "Gold and Platinum" on my web page.)

Yeow, there's gonna be a whole page or more of music styles along with a description of those styles.  ... Matching, of course.

There will be a few general questions about 1990s groups.  Primarily, be familiar with the categories into which the groups fall, etc.

Be familiar with Sub Pop Records.  Who?  What?  When?  Where?  etc.

Hope you had a rockiní good time in the course!

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