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Do It Now ... Do It Right!

"To Be ... Rather Than To Seem"
State Motto of North Carolina
"There is the right thing to do ... then there is everything else"
- Robert Happy Osborne, Sr


"Brick by brick my friends, brick by brick"
- Hadrian

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 Grrr... Excursion
March 17-21, 2015

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Tiger Symphonic Band

2015 Fall
Fall Anniversary Concert
November 23, 2015

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Tiger Symphonic Band

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Click, Crater & Miss Hannah
Featured Students
Spring 2012
All Good Things Concert

Band Central - Humble But Homey

Original Tiger Band circa mid-19th C.

Original sheet music to the Fight Song

The "Alchettes" circa 2004

the Band Quilt

Welcome Crew - August 2013
Band Scholars Nicholas, Travis, Connor & Courtney

Lauren Kohake & Eddie White
featured on the 2013 Spring YHM@G Concert

Junior Band Scholar Ben
Family Weekend - October 13, 2012

Pirate's Day 2006

"accessories" for Band Scholars & Band Friends - the "Band-Bands"

Richard "Kim" Summers

BVII Painting - Fall 2007

MGE - 2007
September 14-15 ~ The Hermitage

2010-2011 BLT
first day welcoming sequence

2007 Grrr... Excursion
KC3 - 2007 ~ Nelson-Watkins Museum of Art in Kansas City

Heading to the 2010 MSC Tournament

Special Visitor - 2011 Fall
Football Championship Series - Game One
Fall 2011

Dewey L. Creech
Featured Student Soloist
2011 Fall Anniversary Concert

Performance Season

Turkey Bowl VII
Saturday, November 26, 2011

2011 MSC Tournament Championship Game

2013 BVIII Reno and Band Work Day - August 24
Great Group of Band Scholars Helped

Connor Mook
Featured Student Soloist
Tiger Symphonic Band - Fall Anniversary Concert
Monday, November 25, 2013

Band Scholars
in the prestigious 2014 Kentucky Intercollegiate Band
[Haley, Nicholas, Jacob and Connor]

Nathan Vertuca, Featured Student Soloist, and the Elder Band Scholars honored on the Fantasy and Dreams Concert






Topic of the Month: Have Less - Be More

Occasional Weekly Schedules
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August 24 through September 4


BVIII Reno - August 2015

New Floor in Band Central - 2015

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Academic Year

Welcome to the 171st year of Bands at Georgetown College and the 23rd year of the "ME" [Modern Era] of our Tiger Bands. This is our "Grrr... for One - Grrr... for All" year and a very special year it shall indeed be!

The Tiger Band Web [aka TBW] provides a veritable plethora of operational information for current Band Scholars. Additionally it serves as a repository/archive of the Legacy and Lore of our Tiger Bands - much enjoyed by Alumni Band Scholars and our Band Friends everywhere.

To this end, please peruse carefully and digest fully all which is a part of the "TBW" [aka Tiger Band Web].

We have been - are - and shall continue to be - most beholden to our past and current Band Scholars and the many "OC" [On-Campus] and "GC" [Geographically Challenged] Friends of our Tiger Bands. With the continued extraordinary efforts of the Band Scholars and incredible support of our Band Friends, we may safely say that "The best days for our Tiger Bands - are the ones yet to come". 

In all things, we of the Tiger Bands shall remain true to our "Five-Fold Band Tenets" and the historic spirit, mission and intent of Georgetown College. With these great ideals at our back, and our ongoing commitment to the great words of Mother Ann, "Put your hands to work and your hearts to God" and of Mr. Bach, "Music is a Gift back to the Giver" we shall never go astray or run amuck.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the "TBW" [aka Tiger Band Web] official site of the Tiger Bands at Georgetown College. Grrr...

Most Warmly
Peter LaRue

Dr. Pete
400 E. College Street
Georgetown, KY 40324
Office: 502.863.8054
FAX: 502.868.8888 

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Peter LaRue

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"we never know how high we are,
‘til called to rise”

(Emily Dickinson)

Classic Band Scholars

... encourage us in our endeavors to live above the common level of life ...
make us to choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong ...

[shared by LT Jason A. Reinhardt (Gem Alumnus & Band Friend) from the West Point Cadet's Prayer]

The Extraordinary Band Gala
April 24, 2008
World Premiere of "Legacy Music"
commissioned and composed expressly for our Tiger Symphonic Band
Gathering of the Gem Alumni



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'tis very, very true that we do not design and post many Dig Gal these days and times as everyone [seemingly] has a smartphone and is taking pictures all of the time - that said, however - there is great archival value in our Galleries of years gone by - and for very special events - even today - Thanks and Enjoy

2014-2015 Tiger Bands
Audition Dates &  Scholarship Information

Band Want Ad
2014-2015 - It's Grrr... O'Clock Somewhere

Additional Information & Contacts

Good Thoughts & Admonishments


Fighting Tiger Grrr...Pep Band

(the newest conveyance of our Tiger Bands - "commissioned" during the Fall of 2010)

Lauren Kohake & Eddie White
featured on the 2013 Spring YHM@G Concert

2013 KIB Participants
These great Band Scholars well-represented Georgetown and our Tiger Bands in the prestigious 2013 Kentucky Intercollegiate Band
[Left to Right: Haley Lepper, Connor Mook, Lauren Kohake, Eddie White & Kacey Stuck]

Ivan says "Hello"

the 3-Point Boys

Windsor Gardens - Visit I

Grrr... Cookie
Fall 2011

JEW - New Bass Clarinet
Fall 2011

Dewey L. Creech
Davis-Reid Alumni Gym

Dewey Creech and Erica Miller
Angels and Demons Concert - April 2010

New 4th Edition Grrr... Jackets
circa 2011

Fall 2011
Classic Grrr...ingGrrr... Excursion

March 15-22, 2011

the Mother of all Grrr... Excursions

2012 Kibbie Participants
[Kentucky Intercollegiate Band]
Kacey Stuck, Eddie White, Hannah Osborne, Connor Mook, Rachel Ward & Haley Lepper [Lauren Kohake was also selected to be a part of this prestigious ensemble but was unable to attend due to illness]

2012 Home-Opener
Toyota Stadium - iHigh Field

[sometimes our much-beloved BVIII (aka Band Van Three) gets a tummy ache -  but he is usually quickly restored to good health - with Fluffy the newest BVIII Master - February 2012]

Grrr... Belly Band
Fall 2011

Fall 2012 - New iHigh Field
Toyota Stadium

Dueling Trombone Players - Corey & Jacob
2013 TBLE&B - September 20

Team Clarinet
preparing for KUG V - 2015
Haley, Kate, Meagan, Caitlyn & Donya with great Band Friend and Great Artist, Adria Dowd Sutherland