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2001 Fall Anniversary Concert
157th Year of Bands at Georgetown College
November 19, 2001
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2001 Tiger Symphonic Band

Troops Playing Little Ripper

Troops Playing Culloden

Jason Reinhardt conducting
"Rondo" by Mr. Jager

Andrew Dodson conducting
"March" by Mr. Jager

Kyle Simon
"Voice" of the Tiger Bands

Troops playing "Be Thou My Vision" by Mr. Gillingham

Dr. Gwen Curry
telling the story of "Bloody Culloden"

playing arrangement by Jason

Trombone Team at Work

Saxophone Team at Work

Jeremy, Gav & Whit in Balcony

The Stage is set for "All Gaelic - All The Time"

Annual Food Collection Offerings

Reception is Ready

Brian-Andrew Getting Ready

PFC Ann, Gav & Whit

Killer Getting Ready

The Program opens with the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner