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Savannah III - 2001
Tiger Bands "On The Road Series" - Grrr...Excursions
December 15-16, 2001
Tigers Win "Back to Back" National Championships
Georgetown 49 - University of Sioux Falls 27
Jim Carroll Stadium, Savannah, TN
Televised by WLEX [Lexington] and CNNSI [Nationally]

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2001 Savannah III - FTGPB Travel Personnel & Tom Taylor [Mr. Bus Driver]

Bus in "Ready-Ready" position on Jackson

Loading Sequence Begins

Departure Devos

A Forlorn & Dejected Tire

Game Day Preparations

Our Beloved Tigers at Play as Coach & great "Band Friend" Bill Cronin watches on

Our December "Home Away from Home"

Morning Devos

Pre-Game Festivities as Tigers prepare for Cougars

"Tuba Santa" makes an appearance [aka PFC Adam]

Record-Breaking Crowd at Jim Carroll Stadium

Our much-loved and widely celebrated "FTGPB" [aka Fighting Tiger Grrr...Pep Band]
doing what it does best - adding that special "flair" and "flavor" to the event