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KCI - 2002
[Kansas City One - 2002]
Tiger Bands "On The Road Series" - Grrr...Excursions
March 12 - 19, 2002
The "MOAT" [aka Mother of all Trips]
"Everything's Up To Date in Kansas City"
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KCI - 2002 - Travel Roster Personnel
Buffalo Soldier Monument at Fort Leavenworth
(please note "Boss-Man" [aka Dr. Crouch, Georgetown President seated] and "Sir Tom" [aka Mr. Tom Taylor, Bus Driver Extraordinaire] standing)

The ever-faithful "Throw it in There" crew
Burley [aka Mitch] and Kent [aka Kent]

Band Scholars loading at Gate One
(please note to the left "Big" talking with lady Scholars - rather than helping)

Departure Devos
(being led by Scholar Cook and PFC Jessica)

Band Scholars & Friends
(in their natural Grrr...Excursion Habitat)

Hilton Garden Inn
(our new home - away from home)

Band Scholars & Friends bonding with "The Thinker"
at the fabulous Nelson-Atkins Museum of Fine Art
(OK - Slacky looking studious is a bit of a "stretch")

BAD [aka Brian Andrew] & JAR [aka Little Jason] spending quality time with Mr. Truman

Scholar Kourtney and our local "Den Mother" Whit at the American Jazz Museum

Main Entrance
Truman Presidential Library & Museum

"The Buck Stops Here"
Truman Presidential Museum

Thomas Hart Benton Mural
Truman Presidential Museum

KCI - 2002 Official Travel Roster Photo
at the Plaza Fountain [dry] in Kansas City
please note everyone behaving - except for.....

Kent [aka Kent] Defying Gravity
he is indeed a young gent of many, many talents - wish we could include a sample of his assorted "sounds"

Cousin Kim - Great Band Friend at the Kemper
(you kinda wonder if it is the contemporary art or arachniphobia that is causing distress)

Scholars Steve, Jeremy-Wade and PFC Adam at the NLB
(what an amazing museum - we saw many cool things on the KCI - 2002 jaunt - and this was one of the coolest)

The Municipal Auditorium
what a great place to play - the FTGPB never sounded better - wish we could have played a bit more - Grrr...

The Brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha in our Band Family
(okay maybe should not have included - but heck - we have got to support the "Tree House" don't we?)

Our Grrr...Excursion Family at the St. Patrick Fountain in Downtown Kansas City
please do not look too closely - particularly in the area of the photo including Boss-Man

Thomas Hart Benton Home & Studio
a truly unbelievable site

Kansas City Museum & Planetarium
might not make "the cut" for KCII - 2004 - Grrr...

The "Right Hand" and PJL
for those of you who have not seen me in a few years - yes - we are suffering a hair-loss problem

Daily Devos & Operational Meeting
being led this day by Miss Katie [by the fireplace] - remember always "bundling"

Dearest Whit and PJL
again for those of you who have not seen me in a while - there is more of me now than in the past