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Humble But Homey IX
(the FTGPB annual participation in the Festival of the Horse Parade)

(Post-Game Rally at Christie's in Savannah, TN after Bill and the Boys won their 2nd National Championship)


Tiger Band Photo Gallery

(Photographs will be added during the course of the academic year featuring the Band Scholars, our Tiger Bands, Visiting Alumni Band Scholars, Friends of our Tiger Bands and Grrr...Excursions)

2003 Annual Spring Concert
featuring the Tiger Symphonic Band

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Memorial Drive Dedication Ceremony
On Thursday, April 10th - the Members of our Tiger Symphonic Band had the honor to join with our campus community for the dedication of Memorial Drive. Other guests included Admiral John Fetterman, General Leslie Beavers and former Miss America - Ms. Heather French Henry. We considered it a privilege and pleasure to join with members of our GC Chorale on America the Beautiful and God Bless America - in addition to our special performance of the Star-Spangled Banner for this moving event.
Tuba Sectional

Yes, the Band Scholars - always considered great exemplars of a strong work-ethic and excellence - may be seen "at work". Adam [aka Big] and David [aka S.P.I.T.] working diligently on their tuba music in preparation for the coming Spring Concert
Polar Trombone

As a memory of the Great Ice Storm of 2003
as Central Kentucky, Georgetown College and our Tiger Bands
were at a stand-still from February 16-19
Tiger Band Scholars
2003 Kentucky Intercollegiate Band

Jason Reinhardt, Emily Hales, Stephanie Goodrich & Lucy Greenwell
(These fine Band Scholars represented our Tiger Bands and Georgetown College at the 2003 Kentucky Intercollegiate Band in Louisville, February 5-6, under the direction of Mr. James Curnow. The final concert was presented in Whitney Hall of the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts as part of the 2003 KMEA In-Service Conference)
Savannah IV - 2002
This Special Gallery features photos of the Band Scholars as our Tiger Bands "On the Road" series continued with Grrr...Excursion - Savannah IV on December 19-21, 2002. Our travels took us to Jackson, Memphis and Savannah, Tennessee and culminated with our performance as we supported our Team and our College at the NAIA National Championship Football Game
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Harvest Season ~ 2002
This Special Gallery features photos of the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands at the NAIA National Championship Play-Off Series Game I, Concert Preparations, the 158th Fall Anniversary Concert of the Tiger Symphonic Band and Turkey Bowl V - The NAIA Quarter-Finals.
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Our Newest Tiger Band Tradition
Dress Like Nuts Day
November 2, 2002
A sterling example of the Band Scholars on "DLND" [aka Dress Like Nuts Day] - as you see Alchy, Jeremy-Wade & S.P.I.T. to the left
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Jason A. Reinhardt
Senior Trombone Recital
October 29, 2002

A Little Tree-Leaning

Jason in Recital

Trombone Trio Rehearsal
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A FTGPB Special Performance
The Valvoline World Conference
Thoroughbred Center - October 22, 2002
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GCMS V - Guest Conductor Mini-Series Five
featuring the internationally acclaimed euphonium artist & conductor
Dr. Earle L. Louder
October 9, 2002
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Dr. Pete Terrorizing the Junior Band Scholars
as we had the privilege and pleasure to host the kindergarten classes from Garth Elementary for an instrument demonstration - aided by Band Scholars Killer, WC, Whit, Little Jason, Big & Fledgling Ken
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Friday Afternoon Circle-Up Rehearsal
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A Tiger Band B.I.D.
(otherwise known as a Breathing Inhalation Device)
one of the "secret weapons" of our Tiger Bands
(this B.I.D. owned by Fledgling Tyler)

Elder Scholars of our 2002-2003 Tiger Bands
(somewhat from left to right: Kyle Simon, Christina Baker, Britt Riley, Emily Hales, Jason Reinhardt, Jenny Wilhelm, Jeremy Sexton, Katie McKown, Kourtney Gordon & Whitney Castle)

2002-2003 Band Leadership Team

New Fledgling Band Scholars
Class of 2006