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The Valvoline Event
( FTGPB X in the Fall of 2002 - yes we believe in "Play for Pay")

(Post-Game Rally at Christie's in Savannah, TN after Bill and the Boys won their 2nd National Championship)


Tiger Band Photo Gallery

(Photographs will be added during the course of the academic year featuring the Band Scholars, our Tiger Bands, Visiting Alumni Band Scholars, Friends of our Tiger Bands and Grrr...Excursions)

Annual Spring Concert
Tiger Symphonic Band
April 22, 2004

Ken Marotte, Marimba Soloist
Adam Nance, Tuba Soloist
and the Alchettes

(and it was a Hall-of-Famer if there ever was one)

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Elder Scholars - Class of 2004

Kyle Simon, Kim Vogler & Matthew Birdwhistell, senior members of our Tiger Bands, shall be honored and recognized during the Annual Spring Concert on April 22nd
Hymn Howlers - 2004

The Hymn Howlers [aka Low Brass Quartet of our Tiger Bands] comprised of [right to left] Jon Myers, Trombone; Peter LaRue, Trombone; Tyler Howard, Trombone and Adam Nance, Tuba - as they prepare for a performance at the Community Holy Week Service - April 6, 2004
Tiger Bands Announce Annual Spring Concert

Adam Nance, Tuba and Ken Marotte, Marimba will be featured as soloists on the upcoming annual Spring Concert of the Tiger symphonic Band on Thursday, April 22nd at 8:00 PM in the John L. Hill Chapel
It Was a Night To Remember!
It was  a very special evening as the Band Scholars did their best to make Donnie feel "welcome" in good, old Alumni Gymnasium. Hap & The Boys did their best also - with a final score of Tigers 84 to the Patriots 78. Yes, the place was rocking. Grrr...
Santa Came in January
Meet "Rosey" the New Marimba
(Fledgling Matthew "at the wheels")

on a dark, cold winter's night, Santa delivered two very large boxes to Tiger Band Central - and with the help of his "elves" - Rosey was born - please click on the


to see a special digital gallery of the birthing of Rosey [which was quite a hoo-haw indeed - hard to get good elves these days] 

Fall Anniversary Concert
Tiger Symphonic Band
November 24, 2003

Dedicated with greatest-respect to the memory of Dr. E. Wayne Pressley we celebrated 159 years of Bands at Georgetown College and
Ten Years of (1993-2003)

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Annual Tiger Bands
"Dress Like Nuts Day"
Saturday, November 8, 2003

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MGE - 2003
October 17th & 18th
Nashville & Jackson, TN

FTGPB Travel Roster Personnel - MGE - 2003
in front of the Country Music Hall of Fame
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2003 Fire Prevention Parade
(as we had the privilege and pleasure of supporting this important community event)

Our FTGPB escorted by large fire engines

The Kentucky State Marching Band joins the festivities

many friends joined us as we celebrated Fire Prevention Week

Performances, Events & Activities of WWII
[aka Working Weekend Number Two]
September 24th, 25th, 26th & 27th

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to see scenes from WWII including our Food & Supply Collection for Soldiers of the 211th Company, the Garth Elementary Instrument Demonstration, The Festival of the Horse Parade &the Parent/Family Day Home Football Game

Working Weekend Number One
September 5th & 6th

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to see scenes from our first working weekend of the season

Visiting Dignitary
On August 6th, Demian Austin [son of our wonderful Band Friend and Payroll Clerk, Sharon Austin] visited Georgetown College. Demian is the Principal Trombone in the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in New York City. Pictured with Demian is Jason Reinhardt of our Tiger Bands