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Santa Came in January of 2004
"Rosey" the New Marimba
On a cold winter's night in January of 2004, Santa came to visit our Tiger Bands and left two very large boxes. With the help of his elves [in this case - Fledgling Matthew, Dr. John Bell and yours truly] Rosey was assembled and became a part of our Tiger Band Family. I hope you enjoy these photos of the process - it was a bit of a hoo-haw.

It became evident - from very early on - that "SAWR" [aka Some Assembly Was Required] - to this end - left - you may see Rosey in her infancy - as Elves #1 & #2 [aka Fledgling Matthew and Dr. Bell] help bring her into the world.

We sometimes worry about running out of cardboard [a seemingly extremely valuable commodity to our Tiger Bands] but I think we shall be set for the foreseeable future. Grrr...

The birthing of Rosey began with the opening of the two large boxes - and then proceeded - to "where the heck does this go". After a few reflective moments - we began to get a "handle" on the situation - and in addition to Rosey being just what we need from a musical stand-point - we became amazed at the sheer craftsmanship and beauty of construction which Rosey represents.


This is a sad, sad situation represented above [we shan't mention the fine institution of higher education from whence these gents came - shall we - but I hear it is cold in Urbana-Champaign this time of the year - Grrr...]

The question is "how many doctors does it take to assemble a marimba [please, please that was a rhetorical question] the answer seems to be several

The good news was that Fledgling Matthew seems to have a good grasp of the situation and what to do with the resonators

The "LOTB" [aka Laying of the Bars] - has an almost biblical ring to it - do you not think
(and yes, the rosewood bars are beautiful - for those of you a little slow on the uptake - rosewood bars - Rosey - get the picture)

.....and this is what it is all about - a fine, fine young Band Scholar playing a fine, fine instrument that for years will be an integral part of our Tiger Bands at Georgetown College - a very special THANKS to Boss-Man and our cherished "Band Friends" who made this important, new addition to our institutional holdings possible.