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Blur & Grrr... Weekend
November 10-12, 2006

as the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands performed at ...

The Lady Tigers Habitat for Humanity Classic Tournament
Final Regular Season Home Football Game
Joint Concert Series with Asbury College

The B&GW started with a performance of our much-beloved FTGPB as we supported our Lady Tigers and their annual Habitat for Humanity Classic Basketball Tournament [where it was warm and dry] - we then moved to Saturday's football game - where it was neither

Fledgling Liz [part of the Trash Can Choir] with Lauri & Metaphor Boy

poor Plur/Tink ~ the Hammer [aka The Right Hand, aka Lucas] has the sniffles
yes, the Band Scholars needed to be bundled up - and they were - however - Coach Cronin and our Tiger prevailed and won another Conference Championship

an alarming sight from after the game

our Tiger Symphonic Band getting ready
we then move to Sunday - when we had the privilege and pleasure to host the Asbury College Concert Band - in Part I - of our 2006-2007 Joint Concert Series

the Asbury College Concert Band

Dr. Glen Flannigan, Assistant Director of Bands, Asbury College

Dr. Lynn Cooper, Director of Bands, Asbury College
Left: Dr. Cooper being honored as a member of our Tiger Band Hall of Fame for his contributions to instrumental music, music education and being a great friend of our Tiger Bands

good eating is always a hallmark of any Tiger Band event ...

Miss Kelly and Allie [the Tardy Twins] looking very happy

Special Friend

Miss Snowflake

we would like to extend a very special Thank-You to our friends from Asbury College for traveling to Georgetown for Part I of the JCS

we would like to extend a very special Thank-You to everyone who helped ensure the success of Blur & Grrr... Weekend