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October 12 & 14, 2006
Annual Fire Prevention Parade
Georgetown versus Campbellsville Football Game

On Thursday, October 12 - the Band Scholars considered it a privilege and pleasure [albeit a chilly one] to support our local fire department in their annual Fire Prevention Parade. We acknowledge the importance of "first-responders" everywhere and were more than glad to represent Georgetown College and our Tiger Bands in this important community event.

Preparation of HBH14B [aka Humble but Homey #14B] is always a good time for the Band Scholars

Above: Michelle & Michael-Patrick prepping the RWTDB [aka Remote Woodwind Transportion Device B] also known as the "Coroner Mobile" - thanks to Dr. Ginn

Right: Middle Child Sara served as Decorating Coordinator for the event



honestly - I am not sure why - but we have a picture of Lucas' feet - Grrr...

Left: Sara trying to help "Metaphor Boy" [aka Fledgling Colby

yes, the troops had a good time, they generally do


Right: Fledgling Joshua working on the time-honored tradition of "bait" after a tutorial from Junior

Above: Candy Distribution Team huddles in BVII to keep warm

Then on Saturday our Georgetown College Football Team took on the squad from Campbellsville University. Campbellsville also brought their marching band to add to the festivities.

Final Score
Georgetown ~ 59
Campbellsville ~ 6

[yeppir as we were on "offense" a lot - the Band Scholars did a great deal of playing during this one - Grrr...]

yes - it was a rather delightful day - and we moved very close to "expectations exceeded" for this one

Left: The Campbellsville University Drum Line
(they were just fine). We want to thank Dr. David McCullough and our friends at Campbellsville for coming over to visit.

We want to thank everyone in our campus community, and our many, many "OC" [aka On-Campus] and "GC" [aka Geographically-Challenged] Band Friends for their ongoing support of the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands.


Viva la Grrr...