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Homecoming 2006
October 20 & 21
as the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands gave sterling performances at
SongFest & the Homecoming Football Game.

we begin to prep for the event
something new and different this year as our much-beloved FTGPB was invited to perform as the opening act of the incredibly popular SongFest - an integral part of Homecoming at Georgetown College - we were tickled to add our special flavor and flair to the proceedings

the ever popular Miss Kelly, our Spiritual Advisor, decked out in pearls for the evening - many of the Band Scholars took leading parts in the "offerings" of SongFest [actually, she looks a little scary in this photo]

Elder Scholar Matthew having a strategery session with some of the percussion team

Taras, our very favorite German, getting ready to perform on his quints - with a little face paint for his later performance of the evening [actually, Taras always looks a bit scary - smile]
Right: the John L. Hill Chapel is always packed to capacity for SongFest

Above: The Band Scholars getting ready - Young Jeremy looks as if he is having a fit

a great time was had by all and the Band Scholars truly gave an "EE" performance

BVII Lurking

Left: Cherished Band Alumni, Jessica Conn is back for a visit - taking a bit of time of from her duties with AmeriCorps

Lucas and Eric have all seemingly under control

then Saturday was a perfect day for a great football game - the weather was beyond incredible - and the Band Scholars were roaring and ready to go - Final Score .....
Georgetown College ~ 61
West Virginia Tech ~ 12

[although most photos are by Junior and Seth II - we are also tickled to have some pics shared by Ma Miller [mother of Fledgling Erica] - Thanks

here's three fine young gents - Fledgling Joshua, Elder Scholar Jon & Middle Child Michael-Patrick

our extraordinary Woodwind Team

It's always a special treat when Alumni Band Scholars visit .....

Above: Mr. David Taliaferro

Left: Mr. Ken Marotte [and his new bride] and a special visit from Moses herself, Miss Stephanie Goodrich
it was simply a great weekend
Thanks & Thanks to all and everyone who helped ensure the success of Homecoming 2006
Viva la Grrr...