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2006 TBLE&B
(Tiger Band Leadership Event and Barbecue)
September 15, 2006

For the 8th year, we started our official Tiger Band performance season with the TBLE&B [aka Tiger Band Leadership Event and Barbecue]. The evening of September 15th was perfect for this event - and as always - the Band Scholars brought their unique je nous se qua to the proceedings.
Facilitators Shea, Kelly, Kate and Katy [as coordinated by our good Band Friend, Mr. James Koeppe] did a great job for the Band Scholars

The Band Scholars were involved in a series of teamwork and leadership events

perhaps one of the most-amazing [and surely the most-hilarious] moments was when this group of Band Scholars decided to think a bit "outside the box" as a solution to this particular challenge - there is surely never a dull moment with members of our Tiger Band Family

several of our Band Friends visited - the "Archbishop" leaving and Dr. Winter [our newest Band Friend] with Dee and Tracy

good eating is pretty much a hallmark of any Tiger Band event

Jarrod getting a little "antsy" for Pirate's Day III - showing Fledgling Zack tricks of the trade
Left: Bahb's Family II
Allison, Lauri, Beth, Elizabeth & Colby

And today, September 16 - it is time for the debut performance of the Viva la Grrr... edition of our Tiger Bands as we join with Coach Cronin and our Tigers for the season Home-Opener.

it is time to
Get Your Grrr... On