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Band Scholars Pitch-in
for the College's Annual Phon-A-Thon
Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Laura [a great Band Friend] from Development giving us instructions
On Wednesday Evening, September 20 - the Band Scholars of our Tiger Bands helped our good friends in the Development Office with the College's annual Phon-A-Thon - a great time was had by all. This was our designated "Fledgling Project" for the year - and was coordinated by Gem Fledgling Joshua Snowden. As with all things, Director's Assistant Lucas Gravitt ram-rodded the event and our good Band Friend Laura Owsley from Development told us what to do and kept us tracking. Several Middle Children and Elder Scholars also gave of their time to help. It was our privilege and pleasure to help the College in this effort. 

Fledgling Josh Snowden

Michelle & Michael ~ Always Chipper

Phone Bank I

Fledgling Andrew [aka our favorite elf] looking Glum

Lucas Gravitt, D. A.
(Aka PLUR, Aka Tink, Aka "The Hammer")

Phone Bank II
Right: we did not know until last night that Fledgling Erica had some "Swedish" ancestry

Fledgling Zack

Left: one of the true stars of the great Fledgling Class, Fledgling Liz doing a great job

Above: another one of the incredible Fledglings, Fledgling Colby - who had some "issues" with dialing [and why must he be so mean to my sister in English Class]

Jon Myers, Gem Elder Scholar
it was a very successful evening and we were more than glad to help out
Viva la Grrr...