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Classic Tiger Basketball
Saturday, January 27, 2007

To open the 2nd half of our Viva la Grrr... Performance Season [and to continue MSC Conference Play] - Georgetown hosted the teams from the University of the Cumberlands - our Lady Tigers did not prevail - however - Hap & Co. won a thrilling 64-53 battle.

'Tis always a very special day when we may again welcome "Donnie" to Alumni Gymnasium. The Band Scholars always do their very best to extend their finest hospitality to this visitor from the University of the Cumberlands [for those of you who have yet to figure this out (after 4 years) Donnie Butcher is the Cumberland Basketball Coach - Grrr...]

Even Ivan - gets into the spirit of the proceedings

The much-beloved, and highly sought-after
ILD T-Shirt - from our exclusive Tiger Tog wardrobe.


Right: Team Percussion

This fine group of Band Scholars - seemingly poises prior to our performance for the Lady Tiger game - wearing their classic black Grrr... T-Shirts.

From Left to Right: Matthew, Taras [our favorite German], Sierra [back from her sabbatical], Nora & Young Jeremy

Lady Tigers Game



Special Band Friend "Cousin Kim"
with Taras & Matthew

... and Kim's "better half" - Miss Sheila
with Michelle & Lucas

Right: the 4th edition of the infamous "Alchettes" photo - Jon, Joshua, Lucas, Erica, Christina & Eric - circa 2007

Viva la Grrr...