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The Good, The Bad ~
The Grrr...

The Alchettes
circa 2007

Pirate's Day 2006

Ken Marotte ~ Captain Marvel
featured soloist
Spring 2006

Yes, we went to Pikeville
FTGPB - 2006

The Rupp Arena Event
Fall 2005

Arrival of the "Hoodies"


Tiger Band Photo Gallery

(Photographs will be added during the course of the academic year featuring the Band Scholars, our Tiger Bands, Friends of our Tiger Bands and Grrr... Excursions)

The Band Gala
April 23-25, 2008
World Premiere ~ Legacy Music
Featured Student Soloist ~ Gavin Sewell
Special Gathering ~ The Gem Alumni

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Grrr... Gala Grrr...

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The Band Gala - a multi-day affair, planned for years, prepared for over months - was surely one of the most delightful offerings in the history of our Tiger Bands, in the history of Georgetown College. Although pictures may never capture the spirit and essence of the events, these galleries shall hopefully serve as a powerful reminder to those present - and give a hint to those unable to be present, of our Band Gala and the folks involved. We shall cherish memories of these special days always. 

Note I
all pictures have been left "full size" which might take a bit longer to load than our usual galleries

Note II
all pictures of actual Gala events were taken by Jason A. Reinhardt

Note III
pictures shall be added, as they are shared by our Band Friends from across the country who were in attendance

KC 2008 - Micro-Mini Grrr... Excursion
"The Unexpected"
as our "Tiger Bands "On the Road" series continued
March 24-25, 2008

Our Tiger Bands had the somewhat unexpected privilege and pleasure of supporting our Team and our College at the NAIA DI National Championship Final Four Game on Monday, March 24. It was a thrill for us to add our special flavor and flair to the proceedings. The game did not perhaps turn out as we had hoped - but congratulation to Hap & Co for a remarkable 35-1 season. Please click on the ...


to see a few sights and scenes from this amazing 36-hour whirlwind, Micro-Mini Grrr... Excursion

Guest Artist Visits
Professor Richard L. Cryder
Friday, February 22

The Band Enthusiasts and our Tiger Bands were very excited to have a special visitor on Friday in the personage of Professor Richard L. Cryder. Dick Cryder, widely acclaimed as one of the leading proponents of the lyric style of trombone playing in the nation, spent time sharing of his incredible knowledge regarding the art of brass playing with us. What a privilege and a pleasure it was to have an artist of this calibre at Tiger Band Central.

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Holiday Visit
Windsor Gardens
Wednesday, December 5

The Band Scholars had the privilege and pleasure of continuing our cherished relationship with the residents of the Windsor Gardens Retirement Center as we went over to spread some holiday cheer.

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to see some photos of this great afternoon we spent with these great people.

Fall Anniversary Concert
Monday, November 19
8:00 PM John L. Hill Chapel

Featured Student Soloist ~ Sierra Gooch, Flute
Guest Artist ~ Professor Emeritus Danny Tilford, Organ
Price of Admission ~ Canned Food Offering for AMEN House
Special Guests ~ Windsor Gardens Retirement Center Residents

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Fall 2007
Working Weekend I

October 5 & 6
featuring the Band Scholars in/at ...
2007 Festival of the Horse ~ Colt & Filly Parade
VIP Day Performance
Band Bruncheon I
Pirate's Day IV

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TBLE&B 2007
Tiger Band Leadership Event & Barbecue
September 28, 2007

Continuing a Tiger Band tradition that we began in 1999, the Band Scholars [always on the eve of the home-opener football game] went out to the East Campus Alpine Challenge Course for the TBLE&B. Over the years, this experience has proven invaluable to our Tiger Bands. To see a few photos of the event - please click on the


Bi-Annual Painting & Renovation

September 22, 2007

On Saturday, September 22 - faithful Band Scholars performed the Bi-Annual Painting & Renovations to BVII. A good time was had by all. To see a few pictures of the 2007 effort, please click on the


Windsor Gardens ~ Visit One
September 21, 2007

One of the newest offerings of the Tiger Bands is our relationship with the Windsor Gardens Senior Assisted Living Community. We are very excited about the stewardship possibilities and potentialities this holds for the Band Scholars. On Friday, September 21 we made our first visit to Windsor Gardens - with the FTGPB [aka Fighting Tiger Grrr... Pep Band] giving a performance for the residents. It was a glorious afternoon. Each month throughout the academic year, Band Scholars - either as full ensemble or in Grrr... ettes shall visit, interact with and work with the residents of Windsor Gardens. We are very grateful to have this opportunity. To see a few photos of our first visit - please click on the ...


MGE - 2007
Mini-Grrr... Excursion
September 14-15, 2007

To kick off our "TGTBTG" [aka The Good, The Bad ~ The Grrr...] 2007-2008 Performance Season - the Band Scholars continued our Tiger Bands "On The Road" series with a delightful weekend jaunt to Tennessee. This was the 20th Grrr... Excursion of the "ME" [aka Modern Era] of our Tiger Bands - and a great way to start this "new era" of Bands at Georgetown College. The Band Scholars were in fine fettle [and the game was pretty successful also ... Us-63, Them-3 - Grrr...]

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Band Scholars at The Hermitage
Home of President Andrew & Rachel Jackson