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Sprechen Sie Grrr...

A Delightful Fall Weekend
Friday & Saturday, October 17-18
On Friday ...
the Band Scholars returned to the Windsor Gardens Retirement Center
for a special afternoon of Band Bingo with the residents
On Saturday ...
the Tiger Bands added their special je ne sais quoi to the College Visitation Day

On Friday afternoon it was indeed a privilege and a pleasure for us to again visit with our friends at Windsor Gardens.

Founder of the Windsor Garden Relationship

Saturday morning, around eight bells [which surely should be considered "nearly noon"] the Band Scholars gathered to support our College for the Visitation Day Activities & Events.

... many have long wondered what "DW" [aka Dewey's World] might be like ...
Right: Dewey contemplating existence
Above: a unique and rare glimpse into this special place

Yes, Yes - we are being very careful with our "BB" [aka Band Bucks] this fall - but we decided spending a bit of the proceeds from the incredible Grrr... Magic Sunflower Seed project on a little grub was perfectly logical. After all Band Scholars do need to eat to keep up their
Grrr... strength.

please, do not even ask ...
Thanks to Everyone and All for your continuing support of the
Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands at Georgetown College