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Tiger Bands
"Dress Like Nuts" Night - 2009
October 29

Last evening the Band Scholars resurrected an old and beloved tradition from the legend and lore of our Tiger Bands ... "Dress Like Nuts" night ... as they added their very special je ne sais quoi to the proceedings of the televised game between the Tigers of Georgetown and the Bears of Pikeville. Above Center - the Grand Prize Award Winners - Team Mellophone [Rebecca, Tori, Hillary, Kristen and Anna]. Above Right - The Individual Grand Prize Winner - Brittany. Above Left - Elder Scholar Erica and Team Trombone.

The Official 2009 DLN Judging Panel
(a fine group of Christian women)
Band Friends
Miss Peggy, Miss Shirley and Mrs. Lobitz

MTY looking debonair

Jonathan - part of Team Trombone's "Art Supplies" is a paint brush

... honestly, I thought I looked rather "fetching" as an angel [there were skeptics in the crowd] ... Left - chuckling with our very, very dear friend and cherished colleague "The Queen"
Above - Team Clarinet and Team Flute ... Right - the Tuba Boys

Above - Team Clarinet ... Right - Team Flute doing an arguably questionable "impersonation" [and parts of Rachel, Lauren, Karoline and Emily neither can nor should be shown]

Well it was just a jim-dandy evening - folks perhaps questioned our collective sanity - but honestly, that would not necessarily be a first!

And the game itself you ask ... Georgetown - 45 ... Pikeville - 0


[Right - Fledgling Eddie pondering and reflecting upon the possibilities and potentialities of
Dress Like Nuts 2010]

... as always, there are powerful few photos of the entire band performing at a Grrr... Event - for as most of you know - when we are "on the clock" we are "on the clock"

Happy Halloween [if that is your inclination], Happy All Saints Day [if that is your inclination], Happy November [if that is your inclination] - or any combination of the preceding

Thanks & Thanks to everyone and all for your continuing support of the Band Scholars and our
Tiger Bands at Georgetown College