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Festival of the Horse Parade
October 2, 2009
Georgetown, Kentucky



a time honored tradition of our Tiger Bands is to add our special flavor and flair to the Festival of the Horse - participating in the Colt & Filly Review [the Friday evening parade] which is sponsored by the Friends of the Library and this year again coordinated by our friend Martha Tirlea - although the day started very rainy - by parade time - conditions were ideal - we consider it a privilege and a pleasure to represent our College and our Tiger Bands in this important community event

important "rituals" such as preparing the bait (a concept originally created in 1994 by Jeff Vanzant and Matthew Sturtevant), decorating Humble but Homey XVII, the Candy Distribution Team, prepping the Band Van (now BVIII) and eating are hallmarks of the Festival of the Horse Parade
Dr. Burnette taking a picture of Fledgling Evan taking a picture of Dr. Burnette - marginally twisted - even by our standards

Lucas M. O. Gravitt, Gem Alumnus of our Tiger Bands, Honored Teacher at Scott County HS and the Managing Director of Camps at Georgetown College was again "pressed into service" for the evening


and as we were heading down Main Street a beautiful, near full moon was beginning to rise - what a marvelous evening ... special thanks to Kenny and Interstate Towing for again provide the truckie for us - specials thanks to the Band Scholars for delaying their Fall Break departures to support this important event - and special thanks to our Band Friends everywhere who provide the necessary and ongoing support for the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands


Let There Be Grrr...