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Dig Gal
[aka Digital Gallery of our Tiger Bands]

Live Long and Grrr...


Working Weekend Number One
September 16-17, 2011
2011 TBLE&B
[aka Tiger Band Leadership Event and Barbecue]
2011 Home-Opener Football Game
[Georgetown versus Cumberlands]
... and what a weekend it was "EE" [aka Expectations Exceeded] pretty much in all areas. Grrr...

Right: Good eating is almost a hallmark of the Tiger Band Experience. The Band Scholars enjoying some dandy grub at the conclusion of the TBLE&B.

... no, we did not make Miss Stuck climb the tower, but the thought did cross our mind



... the TBLE&B [an event that we started for the Band Scholars in 1999, and is faithfully coordinated by Mr. James Koeppe] is a time for the Band Scholars to get to know each other and make progress on their teamwork skills. It is an invaluable time in the annual life-cycle of our Tiger Bands.

Band Friends
are a key and crucial aspect of our Tiger Bands and we are always tickled when we may spend the time with our Band Friends. Special invited guests to the 2011 TBLE&B included ...

Coach Bill Cronin
[who shared a few fine words and Tiger Jack Tutorials with us]

Coach and Mrs. Christopher Briggs
[who also shared a few fine words with us]


Ms. Sheila Summers, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Lobitz, Mr. Lucas Gravitt, Coach Andrea McCloskey, Mr and Mrs. Frank Glowatz, Dr. Sonny Burnette and the Dr. Gretchen Lohman/Koeppe Family

Thanks & Thanks to everyone and all for making our 2011 TBLE&B a delightful success
2011 Home-Opener Football Game
Toyota Stadium
Georgetown = 31, U of Cumberlands = 14
[and you all pretty much know the deal, seldom is it possible for us to get many great photos at a game - as we are "on the clock"]
Right: Team Tuba
[with Fledgling Nicholas Looking Glum]

Below: Team Percussion
[who won the Golden Grrr... Award for the day]

PJL looking marginally maniacal

Band Scholars staying hydrated - Important

Right: Fledgling Nicholas looking less-glum

JEW - Totally Blank-Look

JEW - Less Blank-Look

Scholar Lauren Friends - Good Grrr...ers

... we found these gents to our left to be a bit alarming - but very chipper [and at least we did not pay for them to be present at the game]

Right: Evan-James lurking behind his tuber

Left: Goatsbeard, for the 19th year, flies proudly at one of our Grrr... Performances

it was a glorious day for our Tiger Bands, our Team and our College
Thanks & Thanks to everyone and all for
your continuing support of the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands at Georgetown College