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[aka Keep Us] Band Dinner
Friday, February 3, 2012
... we were tickled to continue a tradition we began last year - the KUG Dinner Series - and as such, the Band Scholars worked with great diligence for and towards the success of KUG II. The evening proved to be a delightful gathering of Band Families and Band Friends as we celebrated the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands at Georgetown College.

Transforming the Montgomery Cafe into KUG mode is no small feat - and the Band Scholars worked most of Friday afternoon to ensure all was in readiness for the evening's event. We would like to also extend a very special Thanks & Thanks to Mr. Josh Eckman and Sodexo Dining Services for partnering with us for this special event.

All of the Band Scholars pitched in to help with all aspects of KUG II planning and preparation - but we extend a special thanks to the BLT [aka Band Leadership Team], the Worker Bees - and especially Fluffy, Miss Stuck, Loganoli, JEW and Young Connor.
A very special aspect of KUG II were our Guest Speakers - and we extend a hearty Thanks & Thanks to each of them for giving of their time to say a few words to those gathered

... we were also tickled that Dr. William H Crouch, President of Georgetown College and Mrs. Crouch were able to attend

Coach Andrea McCloskey
Head Coach of the Lady Tiger Basketball Team and one of our newest Band Friends

Dr. Rosemary Allen
Provost of Georgetown College, a recovering flute player herself and a cherished Band Friend
Left: Coach Bill Cronin, Head Coach of the Tiger Football Team, an iconic member of our campus community and a long-time cherished Band Friend. We were tickled that he and Ma Cronin were with us for KUG II.

Another very special aspect of KUG II were performances by two of our outstanding Band Scholars ... Lauren Kohake on Flute and Connor Mook on the marimba.

Left: Miss Stuck and Haley - the KUG II Welcome Committee

Right: Grrr... Collectibles as made by Ma Mazurek

KUG II ended as perhaps any Tiger Band event should - with some Classic - featuring all of the Band Scholars.

Thanks & Thanks to everyone who supported KUG II ...
and to everyone who continually supports the Band Scholars and our
Tiger Bands at Georgetown College.
... and our working weekend ended yesterday with two performances in our historic Davis-Reid Alumni Gymnasium as we supported our Teams and our College in two glorious wins against UVA-Wise ...

Lady Tigers = 96 ... UVA-Wise = 85
Tigers = 94 ... UVA-Wise = 60

Go Tigers !!!