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2012 TBLE&B
"Tiger Band Leadership Event and Barbecue"

Friday, September 14, 2012
East Campus - Alpine Challenge Course
[plus a few photos from the September 6, 2012 Home-Opener]

Tiger Band Leadership Event and Barbecue

... for more than a few years, on a September afternoon, the Band Scholars proceed to the East Campus Alpine Challenge Course, for some team-building and leadership activities. 2012 is no different as our Band Friend, Mr. James Koeppe [with great help from Mr. Mike Brown] again had developed a series of exercises for the members of our Tiger Bands.

... a part of any Tiger Band Event includes Special Band Friends. We were tickled that Coach Bill Cronin dropped by to chat with the Band Scholars [and give a tutorial in Tiger Jacks]. We cherish the extraordinarily positive relationship that has always existed between our Tiger Bands and Tiger Football [and Georgetown College Athletics in general]. Go Tigers! Grrr...

Bill Cronin
Head Coach, Tiger Football
... much-cherished Band Friends join with the Band Scholars ... including Mr/Mrs Lobitz, Mr/Mrs Glowatz, Dr/Mrs Campbell, Ms. Sheila Summers, Coach Andrea McCloskey, Dr. Gretchen Lohman, Dr. Sonny Burnette and Mr. Lucas M. O. Gravitt [Band Friend Coach Briggs (and his beautiful wife Elizabeth) were unable to attend, but sent his kindest regards].

... and a few photos from our Home-Opener on September 6 as our Tiger prevailed against the squad from Faulkner [AL] 34-20. it was an exciting evening of great playing, plus the special feature of dedicating the new iHigh Field at Toyota Stadium.

... our very special Grrr... preparations for the Home-Opener, completed earlier in the afternoon [I/We hope you notice our "nod" towards the new iHigh Field in the traditional spot occupied by the members of our much-beloved "FTGPB" [aka Fighting Tiger Grrr... Pep Band]. Grrr...
Left: Nick Thomas, Team Percussion [in our world known as "Tall Nick"] - never a dull moment when he is around. Grrr...

Above: Ready at its finest!

... we hope to see Tiger Fans everywhere at Homecoming next weekend [September 22] and also at the September 29 Home-Game as we of the Tiger Bands celebrate Pirate's Day 2012. Grrr...
Thanks & Thanks to everyone and all
for your continuing support of the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands at Georgetown College