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2013 TBLE&B
Tiger Band Leadership Event and Barbecue
Friday, September 20

Was a bit concerned when the activities started with giving the Band Scholars "noodles"
knowing they would have the tendency to beat the fool out of each other. Chuckle.
An annual event in the life of our Tiger Bands is the TBLE&B [aka Tiger Band Leadership Event and Barbecue. This year we held the TBLE&B on Friday, September 20 and as the weather was looking a bit sketchy - used Band Central as the venue.
The goals of the TBLE&B are for the Band Scholars to get to know each other better, enhance their teamwork skills and expand their leadership capacity. A good time was had by all.

Our newest Band Friend ... "Obe One Grrr... Nobi" or "Tracy" [the final vote on the official name has yet to take place - "Tracy" (please do not ask me why) is the leading candidate going into the final voting] looks upon the TBLE&B.
Left: Fledgling Corey [who knows what evil lurks in the heart of this young gent, would you trust that smile]

Right: Miss Haley and Zippy [actually totally staged, had tried to take a picture of them, didn't quite work, so this was "A2" (aka Attempt Number Two)]

Right: Shameless plug from The Management ...
have you gotten your Grrr... Magic Sunflower Seeds yet?

Above: Breaking all long-held rules of Grrr... Band Photography [i.e. no, silly (use other adjectives as you see fit) photos ever] this group conned me into this [I was an unsuspecting victim]

Left: The Facilitators for our 2013 TBLE&B Maddie and Madalyn.
Thanks & Thanks to these fine young ladies for their efforts on our behalf and Thanks & Thanks to
Mr. James Koeppe for his annual commitment to our event and his help in planning and coordination the activities.

Right: Our Newest Band Friend Reagan [with Granetta and Elizabeth]
Right: No Grrr... Band Event is ever complete without lots of good food. Thanks and Thanks to our Friends Dee and Earnest for preparing the food and Friends Josh, Miguel and all of our Sodexo Buddies for their continued support of the Band Scholars and their desire to eat.

Also, absolutely no Band Event is complete without the presence of some of our Band Friends and we were tickled that Miss Sheila and Grandson David, Mr & Mrs. Lobitz, Coach Briggs and Family, Coach McCloskey, Dr. Burnette and Acting President Blevins were part of our 2013 TBLE&B. Thank-You.

Thanks & Thanks
... to everyone and all ... next Grrr... Performance - Saturday, October 12 [Homecoming 2013]
Be Well