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Windsor Gardens Retirement Center
Friday, October 18
Visit and Performance
What a privilege and a pleasure it was for the Band Scholars of our Georgetown College Tiger Bands to visit with and perform for the residents of the Windsor Gardens Retirement Center. Continuing a now seven-year tradition [since the facility was built] we were delighted on this beautiful October afternoon to spread a little joy, a little music, a little "something different" with these fine folks.


Loading BVIII [aka Band Van Number Three] is always an integral part of any Grrr... activity. We have always been blessed with great student leaders. In BVIII is Travis R. Mazurek, Director's Assistant, for our Tiger Bands, helping is Young Tim.

Taylor and Crystal with "Traci"

Above: Two Great Band Scholars - Team Eupher - Kadi amd Courtmey
Left: The Band Scholars interacting with the Windsor Gardens Residents

Above: Clayton showing his mega-trombone to one of the Residents
Left: one of the very sweet Residents holding "Traci" [who has almost become a rock-star in her own right]
Left: Connor chatting with one of the Residents as Fledgling Corey looks on.

A Performance -Visit opportunity such as we had with the Windsor Gardens Residents, is an exemplar of and a tangible commitment to the "5FBT" [aka Five-Fold Band Tenets] upon which our Tiger Bands are based [the "ME" (aka Modern Era") of Bands at Georgetown College since 1993] and of which the Band Scholars are exemplars.
Thanks & Thanks to Everyone & All!
We look forward to seeing you at the next Grrr... Performance, Saturday, October 26 as our Tigers take on the team from Pikeville
It will be our 2013 Grrr... Pirates Day and You Will Not Want To Miss it!