C   O   L   L   E   G   E
Tiger Bands


Erica Miller
Special A&D Art and Exhibition

Star-Spangled Banner                                                                         arr. J. P. Sousa


When Angels Weep (1997)                                                        D. Shaffer (b. 1953)


A Reading from Milton ~ Dr. Rosemary Allen


Lucifer (2010)                                                                             E. Harrell (b. 1991)


Salute to the Senior Band Members


Old Scottish Melody                                                                             arr. C. Wiley


A Reading from Boethius ~ Mr. Stephen Parker


The Inferno (1995)                                                                  R. W. Smith (b. 1958)


A Reading from Dante ~ Dr. Barbara Burch


Paradiso (1995)                                                                       R. W. Smith (b. 1958)


A Reading from Lewis ~ Ms. Rebecca Thompson


Beelzebub (1886)                                                                          A. Catozzi/Seredy

Dewey L. Creech, Tuba
 Featured Student Soloist


My Old Kentucky Home                                                                       arr. J. Barnes


Georgetown College Alma Mater                                                         arr. P. LaRue




April 22, 2010

8:00 PM

John L. Hill Chapel