C    O    L    L    E    G    E



(Dress Like Nuts Day - Award Winners - Team Clarinet - Fall 2010)

(some Band Scholars at "Dress Like Nuts Day" 2003 - always a good time)

(PFC "Body-Spelling" at East Campus - an annual ritual for Fledglings - Fall 2001)

("Daddy" [aka Phillip-Ryan] at Work - Fall 2000)



Attendance & Evaluation

Group activities such as our Georgetown College Tiger Bands require a great deal of commitment on the part of ALL participating Scholars.  It is impossible to hold efficient and effective rehearsals if all Band Scholars are not present. The balance, blend and overall sound characteristics of each ensemble are dependent upon the active participation and presence of each Band Scholar.

We do know, however, that our very specific and highly refined recruiting effort insures that each Band Scholar is an extraordinarily bright, talented young adult who very likely will be involved in a plethora of other academic pursuits, personal activities and leadership roles. This further insures that there will be some conflicts [i.e. labs, meetings, classes, etc.]. I try diligently to protect your "time" - in return, I ask that you are responsible with your obligations towards and for our Tiger Bands.

To this end, attendance IS NOT taken daily, we try to treat you like the young professionals and maturing adults which you are. You are simply EXPECTED TO BE PRESENT IN A TIMELY FASHION for all rehearsals. You are EXPECTED TO BE AT ALL PRIMARY PERFORMANCES and other venues which are declared MAIN EVENTS. If there is a perceived problem, the following will swiftly happen:

1. immediate expulsion from our Tiger Bands    
2. assignation of an "F" to your transcript
3. loss of any Tiger Band Scholarship monies

In the case of an ongoing academic conflict [i.e. lab every Wednesday at 4:00 PM], please make sure that this is cleared in advance. When a meeting or other potential conflict arises, let the Director's Assistant know in advance. When this is not possible, please make use of that charming invention of A. G. Bell. The only problem you will ever have with us regarding attendance, is when we [our Band Leadership Team/Staff and/or Dr. Pete] simply do not know where you are. 

Obviously every allowance possible will be made in case of personal/family emergencies or unusual or unexpected academic obligations.  If you are ill, or another personal emergency arises, please let us know.

Afternoon naps [though not necessarily an evil thing]
are generally not considered to be an academic or personal emergency

Every Band Scholar is expected to get an "A" for MUS105. If not, this would be indicative of some serious problem which would be addressed in a more profound fashion. Band Scholars are expected to:

a. be at all rehearsals & performances
[see attendance information]

b. contribute positively to the overall musical achievement of each ensemble

c. display and be strong exemplars of the "Five-Fold Band Tenets" at all times

d. have good "attitudes" in rehearsal, performance and travel settings

e. be good "Campus Citizens"

f. always remain true to the historic spirit, mission and intent of our Tiger Bands and Georgetown College

Again if there is a perceived problem in any of these areas, the following will swiftly occur:

1. immediate expulsion from our Tiger Bands     
2. assignation of an "F" to your transcript
3. loss of any Tiger Band Scholarship monies