C    O    L    L    E    G    E



(Taras - our Favorite German)

("Bahb's Family" - 2006)

(Dr. Crouch - College President, wearing his new Tiger Band Hoodie)

Your B.I.D.
(Breathing Inhalation Devices)

Starting several years ago - we of the Tiger Bands - in our ongoing quest to improve our usage of air - created the B.I.D. [aka Breathing Inhalation Devices]. We use the B.I.D. before nearly every rehearsal during the "air in - air out" portion of our warm-ups - and they are part of the world of our Tiger Bands [if you are a Fledgling - you shall quickly get used to your B.I.D. and the need to have it "at the ready" at all times].

Well the B.I.D. have helped our collective playing considerably - and also have other "implications" as you may see from this note I received from now Gem Alumni Band Scholar, Ken Marotte .....

As you may or may not know, Jessie and I went to Jamaica for our honeymoon. As my carry-on, I used the green backpack I had used throughout college. Unknowingly, I still had my B.I.D. in one of the small pockets of my bag. Jamaican airport security saw the strange shape in the machine, searched my bag, pulled out the B.I.D., looked at it skeptically, eyed me up and down for a minute, then placed the B.I.D. back in the bag. The lesson? Not only is the B.I.D. good for breathing improvement; it's good for freaking out foreign authorities as well!

Your B.I.D. is your Friend. Grrr...

(an original B.I.D. from the Fall of 2002)