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BVII Painting & Renovations
BVII = Band Van Number Two
(as we prepare for our 2005-2006 Performance Season)

Junior, PLUR & Matthew check BVII's body fluids before we begin
On Saturday, September 10th a fine, fine group of Band Scholars joined with me for some necessary upkeep, painting and renovations to our much-beloved BVII as we prepare for our new performance season.

The project was coordinated by our new BVII Master, Junior, and aided by Elder Scholar Ken and Middle Children Sierra, PLUR, Matthew and Jon.

Left: Ken skillfully working [pounding] on the wheel - why not use a hammer

Right: Jon, our surgeon of the future, showing his fine hand-eye coordination

Right: our local German Scholars Sierra & PLUR touching-up the cow spots which tend to make BVII highly recognizable - please notice their Teutonic handling of this intricate task

BVII is quite an amazing machine, capable of handling the many needs of the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands, so long as you do not go too far or want to go too fast


Left: representing "The Alchettes" [aka Team Trombone] Jon & PLUR add their special touches to the project

Right: Junior taking great care with the bumper project [I hope he takes as great of care as he drives it]

almost done with the bi-annual painting and renovations of BVII - we think it will be in fine fettle to get us through our next two performance seasons - ok, the clutch slips a tad - yes, you might see a bit of rust here and there - alright, it is pretty loud ..... but it definitely shows up well and folks near and far know the Tiger Bands are near when BVII is spotted

[I was a bit concerned that Ken & PLUR might fall through the roof - but fear naught, all was okay]


Sierra, Ken, Jon [seated], Matthew, PLUR & Junior [dazed]
thanks to these fine Band Scholars for their incredible efforts for and towards BVII