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[aka Digital Gallery of our Tiger Bands]

You Had Me At Grrr...


BVIII Reno and Band Work Day
August 25, 2012
Band Central - Home of the Georgetown College Tiger Bands
... as is the bi-annual habit of your Tiger Bands and the Band Scholars ... we do a little work on the Band Van [in this case BVIII] - plus a few other assorted items the first Saturday after classes have started. Earlier today, we had a great crew helping with these special projects, and there follows a Mini-Dig Gal [aka Small Digital Gallery] of their work and efforts.

And because unlike many places in today's society ... institutional memory "runs long" with your Tiger Bands ... we must remember the very early days of the "ME" [aka Modern Era starting in 1993] of our Tiger Bands when Floyd hauled our I/E around ... then the great years when Gem Alumnus Richard Jackson, gave of his time [and Ram Jet] to haul our I/E around ... then the great BV [aka Band Van] Masters of yesteryear [and today] ... whether it was BVI, BVII or now BVIII ... Mitchie, Little Jason, Dear Lucas, the incomparable Dewey and now Fluffy [and a few others].

Saturday August 25, 2012
BVIII Renovations and Work
What a great group of Band Scholars!

"You Had Me At Grrr..."

Band is our Business ... and Business is Good

[Left] ... ah-ha ... work in progress ... clearly visible [among several Band Scholars helping] the inimitable Miss Stuck [right] and Fledgling Jacob [left]

[Above] ... and talk about special ... what about Elder Scholar Lauren ... artist-player extraordinaire ... with a paint brush in her hand?

... Hmmm... why would Fluffy [Far Left], aka Travis R. Mazurek, cherished Director's Assistant for your Tiger Bands be standing with a large roll of green "turf"? Why would Evan-James, Travis, Eric and Fledgling Kendall be cutting the afore-mentioned "turf"? A mystery indeed ...
Left ... why the heckers would we have six rolls of green "turf" rolled up in Band Central

Right ... why the heckers would we have "faux goal posts" suspended from the ceiling of Band Central?

Perhaps you should come to the Home-Opener on September 6?

Right ... Miss Courtney and Miss Haley working on BVIII [and doing a great job - perhaps unlike Jesse-Eddie]

Below ... what could the amazing Crater be doing with his comrades?

... and then as a special [and new feature] of today's bi-annual BV III Reno and Work Day ... Miss Courtney, Miss Haley and the extraordinary Evan-James, Student Composer-In-Residence for our Tiger Bands, organized several "M&G" [aka Meet and Greet] games for the participants. In no way will this supplant our annual TBLE&B [aka Tiger Band Leadership Event and Barbecue] which this year will be on Friday, September 14 - hosted by Band Friend James [Koeppe] at the Alpine Challenge Course with a great meal following for the Band Scholars and Special Band Friends. Our Work Day ended with a delightful little Grrr... cookout.

A "Quarter Note"
[or so they said ???]
Fledglings Kenny, Jacob, Kendall, Tim & Taylor
[getting ready for the "FFBS" (aka Full Fledgling Body Spelling) which shall probably take place at Homecoming]
Thanks & Thanks
... to the Band Scholars
[who gave of their Saturday to help]
... to all of the Friends of our Tiger Bands
[we neither could nor would survive without you]
2012-2013 Performance Season
You Had Me At Grrr...
Band is our Business ... and Business is Good!