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(Nunnelley Music Building - Home of Band Central and the Tiger Band Room)

(Band Central - Humble But Homey)

(Band Central - Wall of Fame)

(Band Central - Poor White Trash View)



Band Central & Our Tiger Band Room
"Humble but Homey"

Housed in the Nunnelley Music Building, are both Band Central and our Tiger Band Room. Band Central [my office] is Studio #25 on the 2nd level of the Music Building [not hard to find - follow the signs]. Band Central serves as "HQ" and the base of operations for our Tiger Bands and the efforts of the Band Leadership Team [aka Worker Bees]. I open the door upon my arrival - and close the door upon my departure - if you need something from Band Central - or have reason - please enter at will.

Our Tiger Band Room [though in many ways perhaps the poorest facility imaginable for a band rehearsal and storage area] is a very special place - as it is our Home. "Humble but Homey" has received some "face-lifts" in the past few years - general work and upkeep to the building at large during the Spring of 2000 and some "internal" improvements to the Tiger Band Room during the summer of 1999  - which I feel make it even more functional and "cozy". Last summer [2005] we were fortunate to be able to replace the carpeting [and let's face it - the old carpet had gotten a tad ratty - Grrr...] and during the winter had the windows replaced. During the Summer of 2006 we finally got some new window blinds [a good thing]. Our walls [and ceilings] are covered [littered] with numerous "sound bites" [which are always good to reflect upon - i.e. main ceiling "hope is not a strategy"] and very special memorabilia from our assorted Grrr...Excursions [small piece of rope from the net in Tulsa when we won the National Championship and the snow scraper from Cloverdale, IN are good examples].

Our goal with the Tiger Band Room - is not to complain about what we do not have - but to take good care of what we do have. It is everyone's responsibility to help ensure that the Tiger Band Room and instrument/equipment storage areas stay neat - that all chairs and stands are always properly and neatly replaced, that cases are stowed carefully and neatly in either the main instrument storage room or the remote storage room, that folders and music are always properly filed and that trash never accumulates. Though the Band Room will always be "set-up" before a rehearsal [courtesy of the Worker Bees] it is the responsibility of every Scholar to ensure that all is neatly stored following a rehearsal. We have spent a rather enormous amount of money during the past several years on new instruments and equipment - and the care with which we treat them is of the utmost importance. The Tiger Band Room, for all of its possible short-comings - is our work place and home - and we always want to treat it with respect and care. Thanks.