Tiger Bands world premiere “Legacy Music”

April 23, 2008


Do you know why April 24 is not only going to make school history, but world history? This day is very special because of the world premiere of “Legacy Music,” written by world renowned composer David R. Holsinger and commissioned by the Georgetown College Tiger Band.

“Legacy Music” was written for Tiger Bands after Holsinger was approached by Dr. Peter LaRue about five years ago, marking the beginning of a long process. During this time, Holsinger did extensive research about the history of Georgetown College, among other things, to decide if writing a piece of music for Tiger Bands was a project he wanted to do.

Early on in the process, LaRue told Holsinger about the history of Georgetown College’s band, the oldest college band program in the Commonwealth, and about what the band represents today in many different areas. Holsinger immediately resonated to the “Five-Fold-Band Tenants,” (Academic Excellence, Musical Achievement, Spiritual Values, Leadership Skills and Commitment to GeorgetownScholars” strive to uphold.
Additionally, Holsinger was moved by every aspect of Tiger Bands whether it is “grrring” at football and basketball games, playing in parades and being active in the community, or emphasizing devotionals.

After many e-mail communications with LaRue and after spending much time considering the project, Holsinger agreed to write a piece of music specifically for Georgetown College.

When asked about the inspiration behind “Legacy Music,” Holsinger attributed it to the brave pioneers who made selfless sacrifices to found Georgetown College, and the brave men and women in the college’s history who kept Georgetown College alive.

If there was to be a soundtrack for Georgetown College, “Legacy Music” would represent the many trials and adversities that men and women faced for the school all because they believed in the importance of a Christian liberal arts education.

There are many different aspects of this world premiere that are worthy of recognition.

Whether it is LaRue’s commitment to the ongoing effort, Holsinger’s musical credentials and world famous artistry, or the fact that “Legacy Music,” will live on forever, there is still something bigger. Students can join Georgetown College’s Tiger Symphonic band this Thursday in John L. Hill Chapel at 8 p.m. for the world premiere of “Legacy Music,” a celebration of the life of Georgetown College according to Holsinger.

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