The Gem Alumni

Over the years, hundreds and hundreds of Band Scholars have participated in and contributed to the ongoing success of our Tiger Bands. There have been, however, nineteen key individuals, who as students made contributions to the legacy and lore of our Tiger Bands of inestimable importance. It is these, who are called the Gem Alumni. Coming from across the country and around the world – these outstanding young people … doctors, lawyers, business people – teachers, preachers and public servants are with us this evening. We thank them for giving of their time to be a part of the Band Gala.

Mr. Chad Acklin, Trombone, Class of 1999, known to us as Flash. Chad currently lives in Tallahassee, Florida with his wife Amy and works for the Florida Department of Health and serves as a youth and music minister.

Mrs. Emily Hales Bennett, Flute, Class of 2003, known to us as Killer.  Emily lives in Canal Winchester, Ohio and serves as Assistant City Prosecutor for the City of Columbus.

Mr. Kevin Brown, Tuba, Class of 2001, known to us as Kevin-Wayne. Kevin lives in Northern Kentucky with his wife Dawn and son Ethan. Kevin is currently employed as Sales Representative for SABIC Polymershapes.

Mr. Ryan Coatney, French Horn, Class of 2001, known to us as Daddy. Phillip-Ryan currently lives in Louisville and is a language arts teacher at Highlands Latin School.

Mr. Andrew Dodson, Percussion, Class of 2002, known to us as BAD. Andrew lives in Frankfort and works as a graphic designer for CLS. He also owns and operates BADmedia and works in youth ministry.

Mr. Jesse Gabbard, Percussion, Class of 1999, known to us as Jesse-Eden and Mrs. Melanie Webb Gabbard, Percussion, Class of 1997. Known to us as Miss Melly. The Gabbards live in Lexington with their 21 month old daughter Avery Eden. Melanie is an attorney for Allen & Kopet and Jesse is a private banker with BB&T.

Mr. Lucas Gravitt, Trombone, Class of 2007, known to us as PLUR. Lucas lives in Georgetown and is a German teacher at Scott County High School. He also serves as Assistant Director for Summer Programs and Camps at Georgetown College.

Dr. Deanna Green, Clarinet, Class of 2000, known to us as DG. Deanna lives in Baltimore, Maryland where she completed her pediatric residency and is currently working as a pediatric pulmonary fellow at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Mrs. Whitney Castle Harris, Trumpet, Class of 2003, known to us as Whit. Whit lives in Cherry Hill, New Jersey with her husband Dr. Andrew Harris who is currently completing his residency at UPENN .  Whitney is currently working as a pre-school teacher and they are expecting their first child in August.

Mr. Richard Jackson, Baritone, Class of 2000, known to us as Ram-Jet. Richard lives in Tompkinsville, Kentucky with his wife Gretchen and sons Camden and Brady and expecting their third child in June. Richard serves as branch manager of Colorado Federal Savings Bank, CEO of Cash It Now, inc. and serves as a Tompkinsville City Commissioner.

Ms. Kelly Kays, Flute, Class of 2007, known to us as Miss Kelly. Kelly lives in Louisville where she is a first year medical student at the University of Louisville.

Mr. Ken Marotte, Percussion, Class of 2006, known to us as Captain Marvel. Ken lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife Jessie. Ken is currently enrolled in a Masters Degree program in East Asian Studies at The Ohio State University.

Mr. Jon Myers, Trombone, Class of 2007, known to us as Jon. Jon lives in Louisville with his wife Kelsey.  Jon is starting Medical School in the fall.

Mrs. Tera Jones Ragland, Flute, Class of 1995, known to us as Tera-Beth. Tera lives in Russellville, Kentucky with her husband Scott and 2 children.  Tera is employed as a teacher at Russellville Middle School.

SGT Jason Reinhardt, Trombone, Class of 2003, known to us as Little Jason. Jason is currently stationed with the United States Army 2nd Infantry Division Band in Uijongbu, South Korea. Without a doubt, Jason wins this evening’s “Who Came The Furthest Award”. We are most-appreciative that Jason again went back into harness serving as the Gem Alumni Coordinator for tonight’s event.

Mrs. Beth Ashford Rose, Percussion, Class of 1994, known to us as Beth-Beth. Beth lives in Lexington, with her husband Danny and their three year old triplets and works as a global accounts manager for Lexmark.

Mr. Mitch Woods, Trumpet, Class of 2005, known to us as Mitchie. Mitch currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana and works as a financial advisor with Ameriprise Financial

Dr. Brett N. Wynn, Tuba, Class of 1995, known to us as Dr. Brett. Brett lives in Carrollton, Georgia with his wife Suzanne and two daughters. Brett works as an Emergency Medicine Physician for the Tanner Medical Center.