The Band Friends


We are humbled by and beholden to our many, many Band Friends.
Without their materials assistance and support of Bands at Georgetown College we neither would, nor could survive.


Anonymous (12)
Mr. Jim Allison

Ms. Sharon Austin

Dr. John R. Bell

Ms. Jane Benard

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Birdwhistell

Ms. Kay Blevins

Coach Kevin Calhoun

Mr. Darryl Callahan

Ms. Margaret Christensen
Mr. & Mrs. Mike College

Mr. & Mrs. L. Creech
Coach and Mrs. Bill Cronin

Mr. & Mrs. John Cosby

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Crabdree

Ms. Julia Cummins

Prof. Jennifer Fairchild

Mrs. Teri Faragher
Dr. Todd Gambill

Rev. Ken Holden

Hurst Music

Mrs. Patrick L. LaRue

Dr. Peter J. LaRue

Mr. Jonathan Leverenz

Mr. & Mrs. Dick Lobitz

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Miller

Ms. Shana Noe

Coach and Mrs. Robert Happy Osborne

Mrs. Janice Pressley

SGT Jason A. Reinhardt

CPT W. Kyle Simon


Mr. & Mrs. R. Kim Summers

Student Life
Tiger Athletics

Mr. Eric Ward

Ms. Linda Williamson