C    O    L    L    E    G    E



Miss Stuck at the 2011 Kibbie Experience
[with chopsticks]

2010-2011 BLT

A Chilly Dewey

2002-2003 BLT

FTGPB VI at East Campus

Band Leadership Team & Worker Bees

As we continue to further define and refine our Tiger Bands at Georgetown College [particularly during this third phase of the 4th era], it is essential that we have some help [possible understatement - along the lines of "Nostradamus had a few ideas on the future"] with operational and logistical concerns. Some of these positions receive limited, sporadic, compensation, others do not. It is imperative that ALL BAND SCHOLARS always "pitch in and do" what is necessary ... And Then Some [24-7].

The following Band Scholars shall comprise the BLT and Worker Bees for our 2018-2019 Performance Season and will be of paramount importance for the current needs and operations of our Tiger Bands. If you are interested in being considered for our Tiger Band Staff in the future please contact me or any of the BLT members.

2018-2019 Band Leadership Team

Emily Crowe, Shannon Eckelkamp, Tyler Evans,
Autumn Holley, Samantha Loya, Elizabeth Martin and Tyler Rice

Note 1 ... for our 2018-2019 performance season, we will not have "specific designations" for BLT/Worker Bee assignments as we sometimes have had in the past [e.g. Director's Assistant, Spiritual Advisor, Academic Advisor, et al] ... each member of the BLT will add/lend their time and talents as deemed appropriate

Note 2 ... changes and adjustments will be made as necessary