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(Andrew Dodson, Gem Alumnus of our Tiger Bands and founder and President of BADmedia, recording a Tiger Symphonic Band Concert)

(GYGO Recording Sessions - April 15-17, 2002)

(front cover of the GYGO CD)



Tiger Bands
Recording Projects

During the 1998-99 academic year, through the largess of monies from the Goode Foundation, the Music Department purchased digital recording and CD burning equipment. This enabled us to make our first-ever CD's of the Tiger Bands; "The FTGPB Grrr...'s" and "An Evening of Delightful Music". For the next two springs we continued the series with "An Evening of Delightful Music II & III" [recordings of the 2000 & 2001 Spring Concerts of the Tiger Symphonic Band].

Starting during the 2001-2002 academic year, and because of the unique skills and abilities of Andrew Dodson [Gem Alumnus of our Tiger Bands and Founder and President of BADmedia], we started producing high-quality cd recordings of the primary concerts of the Tiger Symphonic Band which continue to this day.

And of extreme importance to the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands, during the Spring 2002 semester, the "FTGPB" recorded and completed its long-awaited "Get Your Grrr...On" CD [aka GYGO]. The recording sessions were held April 15-17 and yielded a top-quality product which shall hold our Tiger Bands in good stead for many years to come. GYGO was recorded and mastered by David Henderson of DBH Sounds, Lexington, KY; manufactured by Disc Makers of Pennsauken, NJ; major funding for the project was provided by the Friends of our Tiger Bands with additional support from the GC Music Department. For complete GYGO information - [selected sound bites and electronic ordering information] please click on the following ...


If you would like order copies of the CD's from any of our recent Tiger Symphonic Band concerts - please click on the.....