C    O    L    L    E    G    E



Good, Old BVII - a very faithful Band Van - retired 2010

Tiger Band Greeting Card

(the infamous "Polar Trombone" taken after the Great Ice Storm of 2003)

(a view from that nasty motel in Cloverdale, IN - "The Morning After" the Great Blizzard of 1996)

Climatological Conditions

As returning Band Scholars well-know and our Fledglings shall quickly learn, our Tiger Bands are a "ROS" [Rain or Shine] operation. Be it in torrential, "Noah get your Ark" downpours [aka fall of '99 home football game - Rawlings Stadium] or blazing "That sun sure is beating down on me" heat [aka fall of '97 away football game in Jackson, TN - The Tiger Caravan]. Be it in severe "Lordy, I can't see three feet in front of me" blizzards [aka spring of  '96, Tulsa II - Cloverdale, IN] or bizarre "gosh, it sure is dark" power outages [aka spring of '94, Conference Championship - Alumni Gymnasium] the Tiger Bands go on [and I hasten to add - during the 2000 National Championship Football Season - we experienced all of these]. We will always do our best to plan "Tiger Togs" which are appropriate for given climatological conditions - but please know and never doubt - that when "We are on the Clock" - "We are on the Clock".

(The Tiger Bands are indeed a "ROS" [aka Rain or Shine] operation - but this was a bit too much even for us - Fall 2006)