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(Grrr... Preparations - Spring 2011)

(Alchy being abused by Mitchie prior to the Spring 2003 Dress Rehearsal of our Tiger Symphonic Band)

(Great Band Friends, Kim & Sheila Summers, being inducted into our Tiger Band Hall of Fame - 2002)

(Savannah II - 2000 - Grrr...Excursion - Band Scholars Climbing the Pinson Mound)



Tiger Band Communications

Timely and accurate communications are essential to the operations of our Tiger Bands and we strive to take full advantage of the opportunities which technology affords us in regards to enhanced communications with Band Scholars, our Campus Community, our Tiger Band Friends and the greater population of the known-world. To this end:

Occasional Weekly Schedules [OWS]: As we have for now many years - I will provide for you [generally on a bi-, tri- or most often a quad-weekly basis] an OWS which will fully outline rehearsal/performance schedules for a given period of time, as well as other pertinent information regarding the operations of our Tiger Bands. The OWS will answer most, if not all of your questions, and always please read these before "frazzling my last nerve" with a plethora of questions [inane or otherwise]. Though in the dark past we generated "hard copies" of the OWS - I will continue the policy which we have followed for the last several years - of forwarding these to you only in an electronic format, as well as posting them here on the TBW. YOU ARE FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THE OWS - and need to peruse, download or printout as you see fit. [this policy saves a few trees - and keeps our copying budget somewhere under four zillion dollars a year].

Voicemail: Well it is a bit sad - but now several years ago we discontinued our voicemail distribution lists [we knew for some years that this form of communications had become a "thing of the past" - few if any of you ever use your "campus" telephones anymore]. Many, many Band Scholars will fondly remember [and their un-suspecting room-mates also] my early AM "Good Morning Band Scholars and Band Scholar Room-Mates, I hope this finds you well" - proceeded with a Grrr... Classic or "Hello Darlin" - messages. But times they be a'changin'.

Mobile & Cellular Telephone Numbers: Although we do not create distribution lists for your personal cell phones - for the 2014-2015 performance season we are going to again ask you for, then keep on file your personnel cell numbers - as we know this is currently the best way [or by use of the evil-666 text messaging] to get hold of you. Grrr...

Email: I use our internal email system extensively to keep our "OC" [On-Campus] and our "GC" [Geographically Challenged] Band Friends informed of our assorted Tiger Bands and Band Scholar activities. Additionally, as previously mentioned, your OWS will always be forwarded to you via email. It is essential that we have your "preferred" email address on file - as my email distribution list is comprised solely of your basic, generic campus email address unless otherwise indicated. If you prefer an email address other than "generic tiger" - please make sure you have correctly listed that on the TBRF [Tiger Band Registration Form].

Web Worlds: As you are reading this - it is now obvious that you have found our TBW [aka Tiger Band Web] that was long-planned and oft-longed for. This site - which went "up" in the fall of 2001 - replaced our former Tiger Bands ScholarPac, et al and provides for you [as well as past Band Scholars and our many Band Friends] a readily accessible and hopefully enjoyable format to find all pertinent information regarding our Tiger Bands.

This is the fifth and [formally final - but now we also have the Twanger Web] of the web-sites/pages which I have planned and designed over the past years. This site stands with "ScholarNet" [the award-winning virtual classroom for 8:00 Scholars - Music Appreciation Class] and our SP&C Site [Summer Programs & Camps] as the "mega-sites" of the six. Twanger World, Conducting World & Recorder World are the three "smaller" sites represented in the "sextet" for easy access to these, please go to my Web-World Index at ...

Additionally, we are fortunate that the ever-popular Dr. Burnette has a comprehensive portion of the Music Department Web-Site also devoted to our Tiger Bands. In the past, this portion of the Music Department Web-Site has proven invaluable to our Tiger Band operations and general recruiting, and we are beholden to Dr. Burnette for his ongoing contributions in this area. To view this site, go to ...

Snail-Mail: One of the largest ongoing projects in which we are involved, is our Tiger Band Mailings. We have numerous databases and mailing lists, with a plethora of individuals represented and these are vital to our ongoing growth and development. The Band Leadership Team/Staff shoulders primary responsibility for these mailings, but we always encourage everyone to "pitch-in" and help. We know enhanced communications has helped us to further define and refine the role of our GC Tiger Bands, and we try to always "stay on message". Regular mailings go to our prospective Band Scholars [Fledglings], our "Friends of the Band" ["OC" - On-Campus & "GC" - Geographically Challenged Friends], prospective donors/financial supporters of our Tiger Bands and band directors and other musicians throughout the Commonwealth and the southeastern United States.

Although we tend to use snail-mail much less these days than in days past - the good, old US Postal Service is still right handy for some forms of communication.