C    O    L    L    E    G    E



(one of the secret weapons of our Tiger Bands - a B.I.D. - aka Breathing Inhalation Device)

(Our World-Famous - FTGPB - Garbage Can Choir)



Course Requirements

Participating members of our Tiger Bands will be expected to:

1. at all times be mindful of our "Five-Fold Band Tenets" and be exemplars of them

2. remain true to the spirit and intent of our Tiger Bands and Georgetown College at all times

3. attend all regular rehearsals

4. attend all regularly scheduled concerts or performances

5. be prompt in their attendance at rehearsals or performances

6. learn and be responsible for all music either in full rehearsal, sectional or personal practice

7. treat all college owned property (i.e. any of our "Tiger Togs", instruments, music, folders, etc.) appropriately and be liable for any  unnecessary damage

8. display appropriate and professional behavior in rehearsals, performances or Band Travel

9. always display appropriate and mature attitudes towards music making

10. make appropriate academic progress and contribute positively to Georgetown College