C    O    L    L    E    G    E



(Evening Devos during our recent KC2011 Grrr... Excursion)

(Departure Devos led by Miss Kelly, prior to our departure for Kansas City in 2005)

(Departure Devotionals prior to our 2002 Grrr...Excursion - SIV)

The Great Egg Transport
(Tiger Band Leadership Event & Barbecue 2001)

Tiger Band's Weekly Spiritual Moments

A hallmark of our Tiger Band Program - are our Weekly Devotionals/Spiritual Moments [AKA "Devos"]. We start each week in this fashion, and it provides a reflective moment and a respite from the normal, hectic pace of Scholar Life. "Devos" were instituted for our Tiger Bands by our first "Spiritual Advisor" Scholar Matthew [Matt Sturtevant] - several years ago. For the next three years, our "Devos" were ably coordinated and led by "Sister Susan" [aka Susan Reed]. For the next two years Devos and our collective spiritual lives and growth were coordinated by the much-beloved "Killer" [aka Emily Hales Bennett] During 2003-2004, our good friend David Taliaferro assumed the mantle of Spiritual Advisor. Starting during the 2004-2005 season, we were downright giddy that Miss Kelly [aka Kelly Kays, G.R.O.E.] became the Spiritual Leader for our Tiger Bands - a role which she filled through the Spring of 2007. Spiritual Advisor for 07-08 was Elizabeth Simpson and for 08-09 was Sara Clarke. From 2009-2011 the extraordinary Rebecca Thomspon served as Spiritual Advisor for our Tiger Bands.

Again for 2014-2015, Miss Haley Lepper will be the Spiritual Advisor for our Tiger Bands. I know she will continue to bring a great deal to our Tiger Band Family and add enormously to the legacy of this important role.

During the course of the year, we look forward in hearing readings and reflections from many of the Band Scholars. It must be remembered that we look at music-making in the strict Baroque sense as defined by Mr. J. S. Bach as a "Gift back to the Giver" - music as a supreme celebration of the great gifts which we all enjoy.