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(Scholars "Blondie" and "Mama" - FTGPB VIII - Savannah II - 2000)


Disciples of Mayhem

One of the greatest events in which our Tiger Bands have ever been involved was the "Disciples of Mayhem" [DOM] in the spring of 1997. We entered into a relationship with our good friends in Theater Land as we performed the wonderful "Joseph" - a project which yielded untold and unexpected rewards for all. [as the great experience is now in the somewhat distant-past - please understand that DOM is what we call our "pit band - combo" for musical productions Grrr...] In the near future, we are planning/hoping to continue this relationship as we have the "Return of Mayhem" [AKA DOM II]. These experiences have added immeasurably to our Tiger Band Life, and helped to further "round out" our overall instrumental offerings.