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Gala Gallery
April 23-25, 2008

The Good, The Bad ~
The Grrr...

Performance Season


The Band Gala
April 23-25, 2008
World Premiere ~ Legacy Music
Student Soloist ~ Gavin Sewell
Special Gathering ~ The Gem Alumni
you are listening to a one minute [approximately] "clip" [the Money Spot] of Legacy Music from the World Premiere performance on April 24, 2008 - featuring our Tiger Symphonic Band - be patient - might take a bit to load - Grrr...
The Band Gala - a multi-day affair, planned for years, prepared for over months - was surely one of the most delightful offerings in the history of our Tiger Bands, in the history of Georgetown College. Although pictures may never capture the spirit and essence of the events, these galleries shall hopefully serve as a powerful reminder to those present - and give a hint to those unable to be present, of our Band Gala and the folks involved. We shall cherish memories of these special days always. 

Note I
all pictures have been left "full size" which might take a bit longer to load than our usual galleries

Note II
all pictures of actual Gala events were taken by Jason A. Reinhardt

Note III
pictures shall be added, as they are shared by our Band Friends from across the country who were in attendance
Many, many people were involved in and contributed to the success of the Band Gala - please click on the following links to see listings of these fine folks ...

Tiger Symphonic Band - Spring 2008

The Friends of the Family

The Gem Alumni

The Band Friends

(right - folks arriving - we ended up with a bumper crop - trust me)

Certainly one of the most-exciting aspects of the Band Gala - was the World Premiere of Legacy Music by David R. Holsinger. This piece, commissioned by and written expressly for our Tiger Symphonic Band, is a fantasia, loosely based upon the hymn tune of our College Alma Mater, and musically tells of the turbulent and exciting history of Georgetown College. We shall be forever grateful to Mr. Holsinger and cherish the relationship the project enabled us to engender with this great man.

The Program

Program Notes
(written by Mr. Holsinger and they are beautiful in and of themselves)

Legacy Music and Mr. Holsinger

Student Soloist
The featured student soloist for the Band Gala was Mr. Gavin Sewell from Dawson Springs, KY performing from Manhattan by Philip Sparke "Saturday Serenade". Trust me Gav was great!

Media Guide
We were very fortunate to have a great deal of media interest in the Band Gala - as they say in the business "we gotta lot of good ink". We are most-appreciative to Mr. Jim Durham and his staff in our Georgetown College News Bureau for their extraordinary help. There follows a sampling of the great articles which appeared regarding the Band Gala.

Georgetown News-Graphic

Lexington Herald-Leader Arts Page

Georgetonian - School Newspaper

Georgetown College Web News

Lexington Herald-Leader Arts Blog

Mr. Gavin Sewell
Upon graduation Gavin shall become the newest and 20th member of our Tiger Bands ~ Gem Alumni.

Preparation for any Tiger Band Event is always a bit of a hoo-haw, preparation for the Gala was a hoo-haw X hoo-haw [but that is part of the excitement]

those we called the "gravitational team" [aka in charge of all "hanging objects"] Fledgling Sean and Elder Scholar Jarrod

Dewey helps PJL install the first of the Gem Alumni Plaques

the stage is set - all is in readiness - and we begin to have the arrival of some of the Gem Alumni ...

top right:
DG, Tera-Beth & Flash [otherwise known as Dr. Deanna Green, Mrs. Tera Ragland and Mr. Chad Acklin]

lower right:
Ram-Jet [otherwise known as Mr. Richard Jackson]


The 19 Gem Alumni [and we were humbled by the fact that we had 100% attendance of the GA] came from across the country and around the world - Korea, New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky

Whit & Mitchie
[otherwise known as Mrs. Whitney Castle Harris & Mr. Mitch Woods]
We then move to the Gala Banquet - which was pretty good grub if I do say so myself - thanks to Mr. Josh Eckman, Chef Miguel Rivas, Ms. Darlene Sipes and all of our Food Buddies for laying out a great spread for us.

An Important Picture
four of the original twelve Grrr..ers [they were here before the Grrr... was even put into the Grrr... Band]
Dr. Brett, Beth-Beth, Tera-Beth & Miss Melly
[otherwise known as Dr. Brett N. Wynn, Mrs. Beth Rose Ashford, Mrs. Tera Jones Ragland & Mrs. Melanie Webb Gabbard]
also [in the front] great Band Friends Mr. & Mrs. Lobitz and Gem Alumnus Mr. Jesse-Eden Gabbard

please click on the Grrr... to see a few more pictures from the Gala Banquet


and it was Concert Time ...

Elder Scholars
Diane & Sarah
piccolo soloist Sara
at work

Mr. Ryan Shirar
Friend of the Family
King of the 88's
"Legacy Music"

Gem Alumni
Miss Melly, Beth-Beth,
Dr. Brett, DG & Flash

and the band performed ... right: Gavin Sewell after his incredible performance on Manhattan and after being named Outstanding Tiger Band Member of the Year

click on the Grrr... to see additional pictures of the concert


[these will be added as they come in]

Team Saxophone
performing a feature for our friends from the
Windsor Gardens Retirement Center
[Lauri, Michael-The-Younger, Elizabeth & Colby]

Elder Scholar Gift
light a candle ~
say a prayer

[ongoing mantra of our Tiger Bands]

Gem Alumnus Kevin-Wayne Brown with Elder Scholar Jarrod A. Hunt, who was presented the evening's "Spirit of the Grrr..." award
[as it turns out Hoss-Cat used to baby sit Junior many moons ago - and they baked cookies together - true story]
... after the concert, we hosted the usual Reception in the lobby of the historic John L. Hill Chapel for the Band Scholars, Gem Alumni, Friends of the Family, Band Friends, et al ... after that, however, we had the post-reception reception for the Gem Alumni and Friends at Shenandoah [the home of P. LaRue] ... trust me, a good time was had by all

two of our finest Killer [otherwise known as Emily Hales Bennett] and Little Jason [otherwise known as SGT Jason A. Reinhardt]

click on the Grrr... to see more sights and scenes from the post-reception reception


the next morning we enjoyed the Post-Gala Breakfast

[son of Richard & Gretchen Jackson, surely a Band Scholar of the future!]
Thanks & Thanks
to everyone and all
for all that you did to ensure the success of the Band Gala and your continuing support of Bands at Georgetown College
~ it was a time we shall never forget ~
Band is our Business ... and Business is Good