C    O    L    L    E    G    E


Gala Gallery
April 23-25, 2008

The Good, The Bad ~
The Grrr...

Performance Season


The Post-Reception Reception

Kevin-Wayne & Jesse Eden
[otherwise known as Mr. Kevin-Wayne Brown and Mr. Jesse-Eden Gabbard]
Fine Young Men!

Flash, BAD & DG

Mrs. Wynn & Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hales
Right: Friend of the Family, Mr. Matthew Bell with Gem Alumnus, Mr. Lucas Gravitt

we knew there would be a bit of a crowd for Shenandoah - so had set up a nice little social area in the garage - it remained entirely ignored - sniffle-sniffle - as Jeepie was temporarily displaced

Left: Ram-Jet [otherwise known as Richard Jackson] and Daddy [otherwise known as Philip Ryan Coatney] ~ two great ones!

would probably again be in order