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Harvest Season ~ 2002
including photos from
NAIA National Championship Series Play-Off Game I
Concert Preparations
158th Fall Anniversary Concert
Turkey Bowl V - NAIA Quarter-Finals

Our 2002 Harvest Season started with the NAIA National Championship Series Play-Off Game I when our Tigers took on the "Bees" from St. Ambrose University. The Band Scholars were "armed" with their "ABPD" [Anti-Bee Protection Devices] which caused a great deal of Grrr...Excitement

The Band Scholars begin the 158th Fall Anniversary Concert with the Kentucky Chorale and Star-Spangled Banner

Continuing with the The New Colonial March featuring Matthew-Cope and Fledgling Ken on the triangles

On a chilly, late-November evening we were blessed with an unusually large crowd of Ma' & Pa's, Kith & Kin and Band Friends

The concert ends with a rousing and enthusiastic standing-ovation from all in attendance

Left: Alchy [aka Fledgling Tyler-Colby] warms up his trusty trombone
Right: Beloved Emily [aka Killer, Aka S.P.A.] is preparing for her featured flute solo

.....and yes, Big [aka Adam] is charming the ladies - Elder Scholars Whit & Miss Katie

podium flowers from our good Band Friend Hap & Tiger Basketball

price of admission is a can of food - and the collection table is ready

the stage is set

another great reception is ready from our friends of SodexhoUSA

Andrew of Aquarius Music ready for recording duties
Left: The Band Scholars at Work

the "Voice of our Tiger Bands" Kyle Simon again doing a great job

Scholars Jessica & Matthew-Cope through the chimes [with one rogue Band Scholar ear]. All photos in this special gallery were taken by Jason Reinhardt and Sonny Burnette - Thanks [I took the blurry ones - Grrr...]
Miss Emily Hales, daughter of Tom & Denette Hales of Silver Spring Maryland served as our featured student soloist for the Fall Anniversary Concert. "Killer" is a psychology major and plans to attend law school upon graduation in May. She shared her virtuosic technique on the classic Carnival of Venice by Briccialdi
Left: Michael Potapov, sophomore, joins the Symphonic Band on Apocalyptic Dreams

Right: Great Band Friend, Dr. Angela Easterday Holder, shares her beautiful voice on the Sussex Mummer's Christmas Carol prior to the band's performance of this moving work by Grainger

Left: our great Tiger Trombone Section at work [as ably led by Little Jason]

Dr. Pete works to hold the troops together [and what a pleasure it is for me to do so]

the Fall 2002 personnel of our Tiger Symphonic Band, and the members of our "BLT [aka Band Leadership Team] as well as the members of our Tiger Band Hall of Fame
And then, on Saturday, November 30th it was time for "Turkey Bowl V" [aka the NAIA National Championship Series Quarter-Finals] The "HV" [aka Holiday Version - we use the 200-mile rule in these cases - those Band Scholars who live within two hundred miles of campus are "invited" to participate] of our Fighting Tiger Grrr...Pep Band was red hot and a'heatin' as our #3 Tigers took on the #4 and undefeated Cougars of St. Francis University. To the right is Adam Jackson Nance [aka Big] sporting one of the very snappy TBV T Shirts. Big is the Godfather of our modern approach to the Turkey Bowl experience.
Left: The TBV T Shirt distribution area is ready as the Band Scholars roll back into town giving up part of their Thanksgiving Holiday

Right: The fabulous TBV Band Brunch is set and ready [and what great food it was - thanks again to our friends of SodexhoUSA]

Special Band Friends are always a delightful part of the Turkey Bowl festivities and to the right you may see a few of the ones in attendance [from left to right - Dr. Sonny Burnette, Mr. & Mrs. Dick Lobitz and Mr. & Mrs. Frank GLowatz]
Elder Band Scholar Jeremy-Wade warming up his mellophone with "Mama" [aka Middle Child Laura] looking on from the side

No Tiger Band Event is complete without our assorted Rites & Rituals and in the absence of S.P.A. [aka Emily - Spiritual Person Already] and S.P.I.T. [aka Fledgling David - Spiritual Person In Training] both of whom live well-outside the 200 mile corridor - Dr. Pete led the proceedings [and if you have not heard - or not heard recently - of the tragic time when I publicly prayed when I was Band Director at Bloom-Carroll High School - yes approximately one hundred years ago - it is a story worth hearing]
Band Scholars at the Turkey Bowl V "Trough" enjoying our great Band Brunch

The Band Scholars in a feeding frenzy - enjoying the TBV Band Brunch

Miss Katie and the Clarinet Team getting geared-up for the Big Game

Beloved Whit getting the Trumpet Team ready for a hard afternoon of playing

.....and Turkey Bowl V was a huge Grrr...Success
it was a bit chilly [understatement] out at our Rawlings Stadium - it was a tad windy [enormous understatement - I believe "howling winds" were the descriptors used by the National Weather Service] out at our Rawlings Stadium - but the final score was
Georgetown College Tigers (#3) - 24 ~ St. Francis University Cougars (#4) - 0
and for the fourth year in a row - our Tigers move to the Semi-Finals of the NAIA National Championship Play-Off Series