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Dress Like Nuts Day
Saturday, November 8, 2003
a now time-honored [okay this is only the second year we have held DLND - but in our world - two years makes it a tradition] of the Tiger Bands was continued at the final, regular season football game as our beloved Tigers pounded the visiting squad from Cumberland University [TN].....our much-beloved Band Scholars sounded like a million dollars - but looked - well how shall I say it - just a little outre

The Mellophone Team
Kyle, Heidi & Bekah
Left: The dear flute team representing in a Vivaldiesque fashion "The Four Seasons"
April, Elizabeth, Kelly & Bethany

you will notice that I forgot to take a picture of the percussion team - mea culpa - heck they are pretty much "nuts" anyhow - and hopefully did not scare off visiting prospective fledgling scholar Linda from Georgia

The Alchettes - aka Trombone Team
going as the Men [and Lady] in Black [and Burgundy]
Tyler, Christina, Matt, Lucas & Jon [burgundy]
in their business attire - they are carefully reading the stock quotes from Friday

The Clarinet Team
Allie, Steph, Heather, Kim, Shana & Nora
I am not sure what their theme was - however - they seem to be enjoying Ma Nance's cookies
maybe they are concentrating on playing the Hearshen Divertimento and Mannin Veen in two weeks?
Left: Bahb representing the bari-sax team [please notice the Fez & Feet motif]
Right: the trumpet team - Mitch, Kent, Ann & Erica [their t shirts - under their coats - yes it was cold - say "Nuts" on them - Grrr...]

Scholar Krista & Fledgling Beth
also from Team Clarinet
although official awards have not yet been released their farmer and cow motif is a probable Governor's Cup winner
The Mighty Tiger Tuba Team
David, Michelle & Adam

yes, it was just a very "special" day