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Tiger Symphonic Band
Spring Concert
"An Evening of Delightful Music"
April 24, 2003
(as we ended this remarkable year and this remarkable era of the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands with distinctive flair and flavor)

Left: Fledgling David helps prepare the stage

Right: Little Jason works to ensure the "technology" is fully-functional

seemingly - for no particular reason - while all of the other Worker Bees are - well "working" - Mitchie takes a moment to abuse poor, young Alchy
Left: older xylophones - like many of us - sometimes need a little "shoring-up" Right: one of our newer musical  "gadgets" - our much-beloved and oft-used crotales

PJL "seems" happy

Rob at his timpani

Dress Rehearsal - Dry Run IV
A happy Mitch
Darron assisting at the "eighty-eights"
A reflective David
All is ready for our the 158th Annual Spring Concert. We celebrate our Elder Band Scholars, Induct a new Honorary Member into our Tiger Band Hall of Fame, recognize our Outstanding Tiger Band Member of the Year - and hopefully provide a plethora of experiences that are musically rewarding and personally enjoyable.

we begin with our traditional playing of the Star-Spangled Banner
Right: it is our distinct privilege and pleasure to induct Dr. Angela Carol Easterday Holder as the newest member of our Tiger Band Hall of Fame - Scholar Kyle, Voice of the Tiger Bands reads the citation
Dr. Angela Easterday Holder
Jason Allen Reinhardt, Senior Band Scholar from Union, Kentucky, is featured as the trombone soloist on the Arthur Pryor classic - The Blue Bells of Scotland - it was truly a barn-burner

Later in the evening, Little Jason was also honored for his two years of service in the prestigious role of Director's Assistant - where he has distinguished himself as an exemplar of excellence, dedication and service

Whitney Gae Castle, Elder Band Scholar from Paintsville, Kentucky is honored for her years of service to our Tiger Bands - as our "Band Coordinator" - Whit is loved and beloved by all - and we shall miss her dearly
One of the very special moments of the evening was when Emily Hales, Elder Band Scholar from Silver Spring, Maryland, was honored as our Outstanding Tiger Band Member of the Year. "Killer" has served our Tiger Bands as Spiritual Advisor, has been twice featured as soloist, and has been a three year member of the Kentucky Intercollegiate Band
Emily Hales

Four Tiger Band Scholars were recognized as participants in the 2003 Kentucky Intercollegiate Band that performed in the Whitney Hall of the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts in February as part of the KMEA In-Service Conference

Katie McKown

Jeremy Sexton
Each of our eight Elder Band Scholars [aka seniors] were introduced and recognized. Upper left is Katie McKown [Miss Katie] from Ohio County, Kentucky - Lower Left is Jeremy Sexton [Jeremy-Wade] from Mercer County, Kentucky - both principal players in our Tiger Bands
As a special feature of this year's Spring Concert - a PowerPoint presentation was added during the traditional playing of "The Old Scottish Melody" as we honored the Elder Band Scholars. Many photographs of on-campus performances of the FTGPB & the Tiger Symphonic Band - as well as our numerous Grrr...Excursions were included during the presentation

The Program

Star-Spangled Banner.....arr. J. P. Sousa

The Gum-Suckers March.....P. Grainger/Rogers
Darron McNutt, Assistant Artist - Piano

Blue Bells of Scotland.....A. Pryor/Pearson
Jason A. Reinhardt, Trombone Solo

An Irish Rhapsody.....C. Grundman

Old Scottish Melody.....arr. C. Wiley
As We Salute The Class of 2003

Russian Christmas Music.....A. Reed

Georgetown College Alma Mater.....arr. P. LaRue


Five-Fold Band Tenets
Academic Excellence
Musical Achievement
Spiritual Values
Leadership Skills
Commitment to Georgetown College















Band Leadership Team
Spring 2003

Director’s Assistant
Jason Reinhardt

Band Coordinator
Whitney Castle

Spiritual Advisor
Emily Hales

Tiger Togs
Kim Vogler

Band Logistics
Adam Nance

“Throw It In There Crew”
Mitch Woods & Kent Simon

Band Alchemist
Tyler Howard

Voice of the Tiger Bands
Kyle Simon

I would like to thank everyone in our campus community for their ongoing support of Bands at Georgetown College and allowing us to be a part of TEAM GC

Peter LaRue

Thanks for a Grrr...Great Year