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Working Weekend #1
September 5th & 6th
featuring the Tiger Bands and the Band Scholars in rehearsal, at the annual TBLE&B [aka Tiger Band Leadership Event and Barbecue, decorating BVII [aka the Band Van Two] and before and during the Home Opener Performance

The Bass Drum Team
(Scholar Amy, Fledgling Matt & Scholar Ken)
Our weekend started with rehearsals in preparation for the performance at Saturday at the opening game
Friday Afternoon Circle-Up
(and what a glorious afternoon it was)
Tiger Band Leadership Event & Barbecue [The TBLE&B]
at the East Campus Alpine Challenge Course

Members of the BLT prior to beginning the leadership and teamwork activities

Fledgling Allie on the Challenge Course

some of the Band Scholars eating and generally enjoying life
And of course a hallmark of the TBLE&B [as well as many Tiger Band Events] - good food enjoyed by the Band Scholars and some of our Band Friends
a few of our much-beloved Band Friends join with us
The much-anticipated and long-awaited decorating of BVII [aka Band Van Two] ~ indeed a "WOA" [aka Work of Art]

the "template" concept put into place

"test" painting - gosh - why are we trusting this to a Fledgling - even if it is Matthew

Alchy protecting Scholar Ken [behind the box] from paint fume inhalation

The BVII Decorating Crew [minus Adam - taking the picture and Alchy - who was with me getting food - and Shana - who flew the coop and missed the photo-op]

Left: Scholar Ann, Student Coordinator for our Tiger Bands, sporting one of the new Anniversary Year T Shirts

Right: Elder Scholar Matt enjoying a pre-game treat [which in Mattie's case was probably prepared by a French Chef, flown in from Nice and delivered in a stretch limo]

The Troops nearly ready for action
[with Fledgling Michelle looking mighty suspicious with her tuba]
It was a glorious weekend ~ thanks to all!