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Working Weekend Two ~ September 24th through 27th
Sights and scenes of the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands from performances, activities and events including the "CPC" [aka Care Package Collection] for soldiers of the 211th Company, the Garth Elementary Instrument Demonstration [Junior Band Scholars visit Band Central], the Festival of the Horse Parade [Humble but Homey XI] and the Parent/Family Day Home Football Game. Enjoy.

Mitch & the Trumpet Team at Work
It was our privilege and pleasure to assemble a Care Package for Soldiers of the 211th Company stationed Baghdad

Our Low Brass Quartet performs as we welcome Junior Band Scholars from Garth Elementary to Tiger Band Central ~ Adam, Alchy, Fledgling Jon & Dr. Pete
Left: Scholars Steph & Kim give each their Junior Band Scholar sticker
Right: Moving air is explained to our esteemed visitors

Adam & his Tuba
Several of the Band Scholars give demonstration on their instruments - some of which amazed our visitors

Ann-Trumpet & Jon-Trombone

Steph-Clarinet & Ken-Xylophone

and we ended the session with all of the Junior Band Scholars playing along with us on our College Fight Song
Decorating and preparations for Humble but Homey XI

Alchy & AlchyCam are ready to record the Humble but Homey XI - our Tiger Band Entry in the Festival of the Horse Parade

and this year - we had a veritable entourage in the parade - Humble but Homey XI, our Candy Distribution Team [bless their hearts] and BVII [aka Band Van Two] - scene while we waited - and waited - and waited - and waited.....
Left: part of the clarinet team - Scholar Krista with Fledglings Nora & Heather
Right: Alchy at the wheel of BVII with Matthew riding Shot-Gun
and our FTGPB adds its special flavor and flair to the proceedings

the 2003 edition of our much-beloved FTGPB [aka Fighting Tiger Grrr...Pep Band] at work at Rawlings Stadium as we "Celebrate Ten Years of"

Warm-Up on The Hill

Rites & Rituals

Game in Progress

Fledgling Lucas

Scholar Bethany & the Flute Team

Alchy & the Alchettes

Pre-Game performance at the Alumni Tent

a rare photo of an annual tradition of our Tiger Bands - FBS [aka Fledgling Body Spelling]
Yes, the picture is a tad blurry - but let's face it - Fledglings tend to be a bit blurry anyhow

and the sun begins to set on Bahb [aka Bob Cutrer] and our Tiger Bands after a great Working Weekend Two.
to all of our many, many "OC" [aka On-Campus] and "GC" [aka Geographically-Challenged] Friends for your continued support of Bands at Georgetown College