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Annual Spring Concert
Tiger Symphonic Band
April 22, 2004

featuring ~ Ken Marotte, Marimba Soloist; Adam Nance, Tuba Soloist & The Alchettes


The Star-Spangled Banner; Renaissance Revel [Susato/Singleton]; On a Southern Hymnsong ~ Dr. John Campbell, Guest Artist [Holsinger]; Old Churches ~ Multi-Media Presentation designed by Matthew Bell [Colgrass]; Minuetto from Symphony #85 ~ featuring Team Woodwind [Haydn]; Beelzebub ~ featuring Adam Nance, Tuba Solo [Catozzi]; Old Scottish Melody ~ Senior Salute [Wiley]; Flight of the Bumble Bee ~ featruing Ken Marotte, Marimba Soloist [Rimsky-Korsakov]; Lassus Trombones ~ featuring the Alchettes [Fillmore]and The Georgetown College Alma Mater

The Set-Up Phase
(which is always a pistol)

Right: Elder Scholar Kim & Fledgling Nora [aka the Bomb Squad]
setting up for Team Woodwind

Ken giving "Rosey" some loving
(and he brought the house down on his not-to-be-believed
performance of Flight of the Bumble Bee)

"What's His Name" working?

Dr. Pete looking somewhat maniacal

PLUR-Person looking somewhat dazed

our newest, most high-tech instruments "The Bowls" which were essential on the moving Old Churches by Michael Colgrass

trying to get the #!@%&#%$ shells up

all seems to be ready.....
a highlight of the evening was
Adam Nance on the tuba solo "Beelzebub"

Adam - taking a bow

Ma & Pa Nance being recognized

Elder Scholar being recognized
(one of three seniors - Class of 2004 includes Kim Vogler, Matthew Birdwhistell & Kyle Simon)

TEAM Woodwind on the Haydn
(the newest offering of our Tiger Bands - and a "trend" we shall continue in the future)
Ken Marotte simply brought down the house on his outstanding performance of the classic "Flight of the Bumble Bee" ~ no one in attendance shall ever forget it

and then the concert closed featuring "The Alchettes" [aka Alchy and his sidekicks "What's His Name, PLUR-Person & Matt] featured on the classic Fillmore March Lassus Trombone

of course we had some good "eats" for afterwards

The Alchettes

We would like to thank all of our many "OC" [aka On-Campus] and "GC" [aka Geographically-Challenged] Band Friends for your continuing support of the Band Scholars specifically and our Tiger Bands collectively.